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Writing Prompts for Busy People

We all like the idea of having an hour to write every day, but having that time is just not always possible. So, it’s best to make peace with that and make the most of the time that you do have.

Writing in short bursts can really help to ignite your passion, your excitement, and your enthusiasm for your writing project.

Whether it is a chapter in a book, a blog post, or even in your journal, you’ll feel good about having written something. Writing 100 words is always better than nothing, right?

Using just 15 minutes for focused activity can bring you closer to your writing goal. Even on a busy day, you can still write if you set a timer for 15 minutes and start writing.

You could write at your desk during your lunchbreak, in your kitchen while your dinner cooks, in the bathroom while you wait for your bath to run, or even in the car while you wait for your children to finish school.

It’s all about seizing the moment and being open to what you can create in that time.

Want to find out for yourself? Scroll down for some writing prompts you can save and use.

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Before we get started

Recommendation: Set a timer on your phone for 15 minutes and write as much as you can in that time.

Remember: This is not a test, so your writing doesn’t need to be perfect. Just write whatever comes to mind until the timer runs out.

Pick one to write about:

  1. Write about a day you couldn’t wait to end.
  2. Write about this chapter of your life as though you were a stranger witnessing it.
  3. What moment in your life was the catalyst for starting your healing journey?
  4. Write about the last inspirational video you watched.
  5. Write about the boring bits of your weekend.

After writing:

Look back on what you’ve written – you did that! Even if it isn’t spelt correctly, or coherant, even if it seems like ramble, you still made time to write.

Sometimes writing the ramble will help create space for the magic to come to our words, you know?

Writing is a skill and you only get better at it by practicing. Even if you didn’t have a writing qualification, and you really don’t have to, you can develop your writing by spending time in the craft. Writing, editing, revising, writing, editing, revising.

For me, I think of creativity as a tap and we have to turn it on. It might be dribbling with cold water at first but eventually the flow will pick up speed and the temperature will change, and we will get the warm water we want. But before that, we have to turn the tap on.

Happy writing!

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