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Women Who Write Books

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I’ve always loved reading books and dreamed of being an author. After I published my first few books, I realised how much I wanted to connect with other writers. At that time, I was the only person I knew who was doing what I was doing, and I longed to have people to talk about writing with.

I decided to create an event where authors and writers could come together. My event was called So, You Want to Write A Book? and while I could have had a starring role in it, really just hosted it and enjoyed the vibes.

It was targeted at aspiring authors who would come and listen to an author talk about their writing journey. It was also a good opportunity for the author to promote their books!

I never tired of hearing how these authors found their inspiration, how they wrote their books, and what that venture had taught them about themselves.

It was also amazing to see their eyes sparkle with excitement as they shared their insight into achieving a big dream.

The event was attended by book lovers and aspiring writers alike, and was the kind of room I’d be sat in if I didn’t host it.

Why this is important

Writers want to talk about writing too. Sure, talking about the book we wrote is awesome, but sharing the process is just as important.

Writing a book is hard, some people start and never finish their first draft.

People who have sat in these events have gone on to publish their own books, so it turns out sharing your story can give someone else the inspiration they need to take the first step.

Women Who Write Books

In honour of World Book Day and International Women’s Day this month, I’ll be celebrating women who write books throughout March. 

I’ll be doing this online through an Instagram Live, followed by a feature on my website too.

I’ll be holding IG lives with women who write books, UK based authors, who will share with us the process of writing their books. These authors have been personally selected and all offer something different – which is important really, as we are all multifaceted people.

I’ll be asking about their writing practice, what inspires them, and how they fit writing in around their day-to-day life.

One thing I’ve learned about authors is that we all have our own way of doing things, so it is important to me to offer you multi perspectives on how we create our written masterpieces.

So please, tune in and support.

Follow me on Instagram.

And tell your aspiring author friends to tune in too.

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