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Women Who Write Books: Rachel Aldred

What you need to know about Women Who Write Books

In honour of World Book Day and International Women’s Day, I decided to celebrate women who write books throughout March. 

I held IG lives with women who write books, UK based authors, who shared the process of writing their books. These authors were personally selected and all offer something different – which is important really, as we are all multifaceted people.

I asked about their writing practice, what inspires them, and how they fit writing in around their day-to-day life.

About Rachel Aldred

Rachel Aldred has been a practicing Spiritual Director since 2016 after undergoing a career change following series of traumas in her life.

With over 10 years of experience in spiritual living, practices and knowledge, she has alongside spirit developed her abilities to a state of being blessed to assist and guide people’s healing and discovery journeys.

Using gifts of clairvoyance (sight), clairsentients (feeling) claircognizance (knowing), clairaudience (hearing), strong natural intuition providing the ability to channel healing energy, clearance for dark energies, historical insight to buildings, land or objects, remote viewing and the sacred ability to open and guide souls into the transitional light.

Her first clear recollection of clairvoyance was in 2004 from then until 2011, she would dip in and out of spiritual practices and acceptance. In 2011, Rachel surrendered to her spiritual path reluctantly and by 2016 her business, A Bridge To Tranquility, began to take shape

As part of her practice and philosophy, Rachel strives to both educate and heal, empower you to discover your true self, so that you can live a better, happier and healthier life…

While also understanding: ‘You don’t have to be weird to be spiritual.’

Q&A Snippet

Here is a snippet of the wisdom shared by new author Rachel:

Who are you and where are you based? 

“I am Rachel, of A Bridge to Tranquility, a business focused on self development and self healing through spiritual practices. I have an office base in the Jewellery Quarter, but my services have also always been available online too.”

When and why did you start writing? 

“This became an idea on a word document, that was going to be an ebook. That document was opened in 2019, taking many different forms and spaces. I wanted to give everybody a tool that they’d use and share knowledge along the way. It took shape a lot more towards the end of 2021.”

What inspired your writing? 

“There’s a bigger book that I want to write, that isn’t written yet. It was you that inspired me to write a physical book. It was one morning in Monday Meet Up, when you’d done your workbook, you were telling us how easy it was to do. Then I realised it was possible.”

Tell us about your book 

“You and Her 8 Phases, the moon journal workbook, this book is all about you and working with the moon’s eight phases. I realised that a lot of the phases we know about are being bundled into one or two. So, for instance, a lot of people think the new moon is for intention setting but it’s not. The phase that follows it, and it’s only three and a half days later, is the actual phase where all that setting intention energy is. The main substance behind the book is that it’s not just information and it’s not just journaling. It begins like a workbook and goes through all the eight phases in detail, practices, affirmations, prayers, ceremonies, and then you the journaling pages, which is a whole year worth of lunar cycles.”

How did you make time to write your book, especially around your other commitments? 

“I did it in bits for a very long period of time. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t written in my work hours, it wasn’t written at the office, it was written when I bought my laptop home and sat on the sofa and started writing. A lot of it was me collating information that I had, getting out old journals and things I’d written over the years.”

What has written this book taught you about yourself? 

“So, the first thing I should probably mention is that I’m dyslexic. I didn’t get diagnosed properly until I was 18. Up until that point I’d always made peace with the fact that writing was not my forte. This book, to me, symbolises me accepting myself. It’s the fact that it exists, it’s me accepting myself.”

What do you hope people take away from your writing? 

“The main thing I’d like people to take away is, feeling like they’ve got some kind of knowledge or understanding about one of the many energetic cycles that’s happening around them. I hope that it is written in a way that you can see that I’m trying to be part of your learning, I’m not trying to be all of it. I want it to be something that is the beginning of the deepening of that connection.”

Advice for aspiring authors 

“Just do it. Just risk it for a chocolate biscuit.”

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