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Women Who Write Books: Karen Preene

What you need to know about Women Who Write Books

In honour of World Book Day and International Women’s Day, I decided to celebrate women who write books throughout March. 

I held IG lives with women who write books, UK based authors, who shared the process of writing their books. These authors were personally selected and all offer something different – which is important really, as we are all multifaceted people.

I asked about their writing practice, what inspires them, and how they fit writing in around their day-to-day life.

About Karen Preene

Karen Preene, also known as @deadlifts_and_redlips, is a non-diet personal trainer working with people to help them redefine movement in a way that is supportive and understanding of their individual circumstances.

Q&A Snippet

Who are you and where are you based? 

“My name’s Karen, also known as Deadlifts and Redlips. I’m based in Dudley, West Midlands, but I work exclusively online.”

When and why did you start writing? 

“I met you and I’d never met an author before, it made it realistic. I bought your workbook and realised I was setting an intention. The workbook sowed the seed.”

What inspired your writing? 

“It’s just about connection and community. The fitness industry can exclude a lot of people, so for me, it’s about sharing information and new knowledge. So that hopefully people can connect to exercise in a way that matters to them.”

Tell us about your book 

“It’s based on a course I put together, a six week course, which was about helping people reframe fitness. It’s like a little bit of the course with an exercise diary at the end.”

How did you make time to write your book, especially around your other commitments? 

“It was kind of easy to make the time because I was so passionate about it. I tested myself to see how much I could write in half an hour, and it averaged around 400-500 words. I set myself a goal of 500 words every other day, and I just did it in little chunks like that, in between clients.”

What has written this book taught you about yourself? 

“That I’m brave. Sometimes it’s hard to say good things about ourselves, isn’t it? But it’s taught me that I can be fearless, even though I’m still afraid to drive on the motorway, but that’s another conversation. When it comes to creativity, I think I’m getting braver. I feel like I’m stepping into a new version of myself.”

What do you hope people take away from your writing? 

“I hope that they take away from it the affirmation that they get to decide how exercise works for them.”

Advice for aspiring authors 

“My advice would be just to write, just to start writing and edit later.”

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