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Why it’s okay to create, make and post during Covid-19

We’re a few weeks into lockdown, at least in the UK, and social media has become a very busy place. While we’re brought to a standstill, there’s been some questions around whether it’s okay to still create, make and post during Covid-19.

We’re all responding to it differently – and that’s okay.

Some brands have jumped straight into creativity, finding new ways to offer courses, talks and events by taking full advantage of online tools. Coaches of all types have urged people to use this time productively, to learn a new language or start on online course.

And then there’s me, who retreated for a while so that I could process the changes of the world. It’s been overwhelming to say the least and, of course, in the middle of it I left my stressful job to start another, and my children’s school is closed so I’m homeschooling too and… it’s been a lot.

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After a few weeks of processing and having left my stressful job, I now have the mental capacity to think and create. I’m wondering, given the situation, if you’ve had the capacity to do the same. So while my head is firmly in the creative zone, I’ve decided that it feels okay for me to create again and here are the benefits of that:

Practicing mindfulness

In terms of mindfulness, there’s ways to practise it that don’t necessarily involve yoga or meditation, although both are okay. It is certainly about being present, about focusing on the task at head and not letting the worries of the future infiltrate that.

Instead of watching the news and feeling anxiety wash over you, maybe it’s time to channel your attention into something that makes you feel good. Whether it’s Netflix, reading a book or writing your next blog post, zoning out of the stress of the world is a much needed distraction.

Brand consistency

Perhaps you’ve been working on your brand this year and raising your online profile. You’ve got live talks and online workshops and new products to launch, and you’ve wondered if you should put it on pause.

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First, listen to the needs of your body and if you need to stop and rest, prioritise that. But if you feel ready to launch, post and interact with your audience, I see no reason why that has to wait.

Sure, the world is a tense place right now but there are more people online than ever. While there are many who will be looking for and sharing information about coronavirus, there are others who want to be entertained, inspired and distracted. If your content can guarantee that, then make brand consistency your priority and keep posting.

A much needed distraction from the news

Before the UK was in lockdown, I was glued to the news. And this is particularly interesting because I rarely ever watch it. At first, I wanted to know the facts so that I could keep myself and my children, so I could decide when to take them out of school if the schools didn’t close.

When they did close and I started working from home, it was a new phenomenon. I watched the news to grasp what our new life would be like, so I could process the reality that was unfolding around us. But I noticed my children were anxious, expressing their concerns about catching and dying from coronavirus, so I turned the news off.

Since doing that, and leaving a job heavily embedded in the community response to covid-19, I’ve felt so much better. I’m sleeping better, feeling less headachy and find it easier to switch off from the world. I stay aware of the updates but I don’t sit and watch the news and wait for doom to unfold like I once did.

Create opportunities for yourself

Once you’ve taken care of your mental health and worked out a revised home routine that works for you (and doesn’t involved you bingeing on the news), you might be ready to consider new opportunities – and that can mean anything at all.

I’ve seen business coaches and cake bakers turn their hand to sewing and selling face masks. I’ve seen large companies turn their annual conference into an online event for their staff. Some people are choosing now to launch their coaching, revamp their website and watch all the webinars they’ve bookmarked this year.

And then there’s me, who woke up one morning with an idea for social media content and, with the time of day to do it, created and posted it…

It’s since had over 130 likes on Instagram!

It’s a prime time for creativity, but only if you feel emotionally ready for it; I can’t stress that enough.

Get creative by adjusting the content

Perhaps you create and schedule your content way in advance, and now suddenly it all seems irrelevant.

Just like I did with this blog post, adjust your content to match the time we’re in. It doesn’t have to be super complicated, you’re really just shifting the angle.

Here’s some ideas for you:

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Beauty: 5 Lockdown Looks, Low-Cost Looks, What’s In My Makeup Bag, Live Tutorial.

Business: We’re Still Open!, How We’re Supporting The Community, Our Updated Online Events Schedule, Staying Successful During Covid-19

Mental Health: 5 Journal Prompts for Processing Covid-19, Free Audio Affirmations for Anxiety, Pandemic Self Care.

What happens next?

The worldwide events are not dictated by me so I can’t say what will happen next, but what I do know is this: you’re in control of your world. What happens under your roof, the information you consume, the conversations you have, the content you create, all of that is led by you.

You can make major changes or small adjustments, you can take time out from creating or throw yourself into it, it really is your choice.

Just, please do take care of your emotional and wellbeing first.

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