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What My Depression Looks Like

Are you drowning too?

You might think this picture is a mess.

I call it depression.

Where housework becomes overwhelming, clutter starts to mount, and I have little motivation or energy do anything about it.

Just take a photo, so I can remind myself how bad things can get.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a tidy person – I’m not. I collect clutter. I find it hard to throw things away (it used to give me anxiety) but I am much better now.

I can’t even blame my kids, they only follow the standard that I set.

I’ve read about a symptom of depression can be about The Impossible Task, that it could be something trivial like housework or going to the shop, but the cloud over our heads is so dark we just can’t.

This second photo is what my home office looked like before the clutter.

When I became a single parent six years ago, I was consumed with depression. I could barely do anything. I was exhausted from working fulltime, raising a 3 year old and a 7 month old, and dealing with distress caused by a narcissist. But my sister came over and decluttered and cleaned, and helped me keep on top of it. Sometimes a little bit of help is all we need.

Sometimes when I am low, I stop caring. I stop caring for my house. I stop caring for myself. I see clutter and mess build up but I can’t bring myself to do it.

But as shitty as it can be, it can, and often does, get better.

The third picture is how my home office is now. It’s starting to look a little messy again, but I feel okay enough to sort that out.

What does your depression look like?

What declutter tips do you have?

Help a sister out!

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