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What I’m Writing in 2020

I’m still the writer who hasn’t quite yet carved out her niche, you know?

And with that comes the freedom of experimenting different genres, exploring a range of styles, tones and audiences through my writing.

My old blog was full of content for the aspiring writer, tips on planning blogs and ideas for content. I stepped away from writing about writing because at the time I was studying writing too, and all of that combined just sucked the joy out of it all for me.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing casual personal essays, if you could call it that, and inviting my online audience into my world through extended social media captions and the occasional blog post. And it’s been great, you know?

Last year I began a new book about my life and this year I finished the first draft of it. I’m in the process of adding to it, but I’m not sure if after it I’ll be writing so personally again.

I’ve decided to dedicate 2020 to fiction writing.

While I’ll still have a presence online, in the form of my social media and on my website, I’ll be investing more time into reading and writing fiction.

As I type this, I have two unfinished novels on my laptop, each with no less than 25k words each. In the year I’ve put them aside, I’ve focused on my non-creative life and getting back into reading again. With some of the changes I’ve initiated last year, I’ve created space to reconnect with myself and deepen my passion for the written word.

So I’m telling you now, because accountability is awesome, that I’m dedicating time to writing fiction this year.

I’m still very much interested in telling stories about real lives and weaving that into fictional worlds, but it doesn’t have to be about my life anymore.

For my birthday I received a beautiful new notebook which I’ve started writing poetry in. I feel a bit wooden as I string sentences together but I know with practice I’ll regain some rhythm. I used to love writing poetry, it was my favourite way of writing about my feelings.

I don’t feel like I’ve written any significant pieces of poetry for a long time, and the very poem I was proud of was this:

I’ve already removed old work that doesn’t represent the writer that I am now. I’m ready to create new work and rebuild a portfolio that I can really be proud of.

I think I sometimes forget that I’m an award-winning author. I forget that I’m more than just an Instagram writer. I don’t believe in writing more words for social media captions than for my current work-in-progress. I promise to be loyal to my creative self from this point on.

The focus isn’t about recreating what has already been written, but about creating a new masterpiece and forming a new legacy with my words.

If you thought you knew my writing before, you haven’t seen anything yet.

What are you writing in 2020?

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