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What I Want to Achieve in 2019

Have you thought about the year you want to have?

My word for this year carries a strong theme: THRIVE.

I want to thrive in all ways possible. I want my choices, conversations and collaborations to reflect it. I want to make conscious decisions, being mindful of the outcome I want.

It’s all about planting seeds, isn’t it? Nurturing it, watering it and helping it to grow. Perhaps I’m the seed right now, and the nurturing I need is from myself first.

That means creating opportunities, trying new things, practising radical self-love and self-care at all times, and allowing myself to become this version of me.

With all of that in mind, here’s 5 things that I’d love to achieve in 2019:

  1. Move house. I love the house I’m in but I feel like we’ve outgrown it. We’ve lived here almost 5 years now. I moved here not because I loved the area or had connections nearby. I moved here because I needed to get away and have a fresh start. Living on the opposite side of Birmingham to the narcissist was the best choice I made. But I feel like we’re ready for a new chapter. My budget is a little better and our requirements have slightly changed. My aim is to move before Easter.
  2. Buy a new car. I love my car, but it’s time for an upgrade. I haven’t taken the best care of it, I wasn’t really bothered about it as long as it got me around. But I’m ready for an upgrade, I’m ready for something newer and reliable to take me on the motorway when I’m feeling brave enough.
  3. Take my girls on holiday abroad. My girls have flown out of the country more times than I have! But I’m eager to take them away this year, somewhere hot and relaxing and make beautiful memories together. Now that I’m no longer a student on a student income, I’m already saving up for a summer getaway with my little unit.
  4. Have my own office space. Yes, I have my home office. Yes, I have a part time job. But I would absolutely love my own office space. Somewhere with a meeting room that I could hold events and workshops, somewhere I could focus on my business development. I could rent out the space on days I’m not there and perhaps share it with this awesome photographer and graphic designer that I work with often. A Queen can dream, right?
  5. Make an impact with my creative pursuits. I’d like to make a positive impact on women who are experiencing change, women who have faced trauma and women who are finally becoming their true selves. I’d like to inspire more women to write down their experiences and find the strength of their voice through their writing. I’d like to help plant the seeds of greatness in every creative soul I cross paths with. I’d like my creations to reach, engage and inspire women from all over the world. I’d like my bank account to reflect the contribution I make to this world, and for that to allow me more time to focus on giving more. I’d like to write and publish more books, and for them to reach women who really need to read them.

I don’t think I’m asking a lot here. It’s interesting how my goals have changed as I have got older, yes, but also as I’ve reached major milestones.

I know that setting the goals aren’t enough; I have to take action to make it all happen.

But I take on that responsibility with hope, faith and love in my heart.

The Universe is listening.

What do you want to achieve in 2019?

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