Whether you’ve followed me from my former blog, or you’re a brand new reader, welcome to my new blog!

As I type this, I’m currently in my second week of my December Detox and I feel focused. My head is clear and my heart is roaring at me to type, type, type.

I’m using this time to reconnect with myself, but this also gives me opportunity to reconnect with you too. 

So, welcome to my shiny new blog!

Why did you start a new blog?

I felt like the old one was a bit stale. I’d lost the love for it and was just forcing myself to create content I was particularly inspired by. It stopped being fun.

What’s going to be different about this blog?

I’ve taken time to come away from all my endeavors and reflect on what I really want to do.

I want to write from the heart and I’m finally in a place where the only thing I’ll be editing is bad spelling, not my thoughts.

This blog will be transparent, first of all, followed by intriguing and a wonderful read.

Are you still going to blog about writing?

Possibly, although I’d like to avoid it at the moment. After three years of intense study about writing and then blogging more of the same, I kind of lost my love for it. So at the moment, I’m falling back in love with writing and I want to write about whatever my heart tells me too.

Will you still write about mental health?

Absolutely. I’ve really been challenged by my anxiety and depression this year. It’s impacted a lot of my social media posts, my friendships and even my creativity. It forced me to be still, sucked me into solitude and left me on the floor feeling lost. 

I’ve been working on feeling better, addressing the demons so that I can finally put it all behind me, and that’s something I’d like to share more of here.

Will you still be doing 5-Day Writing Challenges?

I’ve wiped the slate clean, beginning the new year with a blank canvas and a fresh outlook. These are the only cliches you will see from me. 

I want to bring you magical things, and I will. 

Watch this space.

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