Truth Talks: Live Video Challenge

Are you intrigued by Live Videos?

Perhaps you’ve considered doing one but chickened out at the last minute?

Maybe you have all the ideas but just need some accountability?

Whatever it is: A combination of live videos and raw honesty is a great way to connect with your audience.

Whether you’re a blogger or small business owner, a dancer or a yoga teacher, using video to engage and interact with your audience is an opportunity you just can’t miss.

How do I know?

Last year I did a 30-day Facebook Live Challenge and it was brilliant. It was equally exhausting but I learned so much from it.

Not only did it build my confidence in front of the camera and the value in my voice, it also gave people a more personal insight to who I am.

Which is an absolute legend, obvs.

It led to interesting conversations, new friends and potential customers, and most of all it was free and fabulous.

Sound interesting?

Join me for the Truth Talks Live Video Challenge on 12th May.

I promise, we’re only doing it for 5 days.

But maybe that is all you need to get started.

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