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Thrive: A Safe Space for Women

Will you join the sisterhood?

I’m opening up the floor and creating a safe space for women to share their stories.

I’ve created an intimate event that will create an opportunity for women, ready to release their pain and tell their truths, can come together and talk.

I’ve been thinking how an online space is not quite as powerful as being in the same room as other people. I’m dedicated to keeping this event small and private. There will be no more than 20 women in total in attendance, including myself and my assistant. Photos will not be taken and video recordings will be prohibited.

This event is not for the ‘gram. It’s not for likes or follows or for shows.

It’s for women who have experienced trauma.

It’s for vulnerability.

It’s for sisterhood.

Will you be there?

It is 6 weeks away but I anticipate these tickets will sell out quickly.

So, why wait? Join me on Sunday 24th March at THRIVE.

Click here to book your tickets.

See you there!

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