Scottish womens aid

I can honestly say that it is one of the most important projects I have been involved with, I have watched as women who thought they could never write bring the group to tears with the beauty of their words. It has been incredible to observe the strength the group has achieved doing an activity together, being vulnerable and funny and true to themselves.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is taking on the difficult process of recovery and healing. Annika’s presentation style and her ability to create a safe space from the start was a great learning experience for me as a worker. The women really warmed to her and she seemed to be able to make the most nervous want to speak out. Thanks so much Annika, it’s been incredible. – Sue McKellar, Participation Lead

We asked Annika to deliver a journaling workshop – Self Care: The Write Way – as part of our Well-being SZN. With so much happening in the world of late, it felt like something that was necessary to encourage our community to use self care tools that can be embedded into day to day life.


Having known Annika for a long time, it was an obvious decision to ask her to be involved. Annika, as always, was a pleasure to work with.

She naturally brings so much warmth and relaxation to the work that she does and this enabled attendees to engage and feel at ease during the online session. We had great feedback from this session and the MAIA team were also able to enjoy and learn a few tips too! We have always been a supporter of Annika’s work and look forward to working with her again in the future. – Amber CaldwellCo-Founder & Company Manager

This Flow programme was deliverd in partnership with Bethel Health & Healing Network. 

I asked the incredible women who signed up, “What did you enjoy the most?” And they said:

The sisterhood and shared writing pieces.

The writing exercises. I have found the prompts help to direct my writing.

Really seeing the diversity over any given subject. Everyone has the potential to be great writers. So much good writing shared.

I enjoyed the away day, meeting other women from the programme and supporting one another.