Writing Prompts for Busy People

We all like the idea of having an hour to write every day, but having that time is just not always possible. So, it's best to make peace with that and make the most of the time that you do have. Writing in short bursts can really help to ignite your passion, your excitement, and your enthusiasm for your writing project. Whether it is a chapter in a book, a blog post, or even in your journal, you'll feel good about having written something. Writing 100 words is always better than nothing, right? Using just 15 minutes for focused…

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How I launched a book online with success

I launched my memoir She Who Writes online and it was a success! This isn't my first, second, or even third book, so I wanted to do something special. There is no way on this planet I could have been prepared for coronavirus and lockdown, so when it came to launching my book, I had to ask myself two questions: Wait until next year to launch itLaunch it anyway Naturally I chose to launch it online. Disclaimer I've been building my online brand for years and have a gorgeous following of people who support everything I do. I also…


What I’m Writing in 2020

I'm still the writer who hasn't quite yet carved out her niche, you know? And with that comes the freedom of experimenting different genres, exploring a range of styles, tones and audiences through my writing. My old blog was full of content for the aspiring writer, tips on planning blogs and ideas for content. I stepped away from writing about writing because at the time I was studying writing too, and all of that combined just sucked the joy out of it all for me. I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing casual personal essays, if you could call it that, and…