So, you want to publish a workbook?

If you had a great idea for a workbook and the information to make it happen, would you go ahead and publish one? As a Creative Mentor, I get to witness the development of the most beautiful projects and ventures. There's something magical about seeing someone's eyes sparkle when they talk about an idea, share their progress, and finally reach their goal. Even more so when I know they have planned and worked hard for it. Recently I published a workbook and advised some of my mentoring clients to think about doing the same. They offer services to the…

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How writing a book will really help you

Shattered Dreams by Annika Spalding (no longer available) When I wrote my first book, I had no thoughts about how it might help me; I just wanted to write a book. I had no idea about what might or could happen I pressed publish, and I certainly didn't expect everything that came after. Connecting with people every day is easy because social media, and I love interacting with my online audience. More recently I've been speaking with aspiring or established business owners who are in the process of putting their words onto paper, and the conversations we have are…

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The Evolving Woman – A group workshop

What kind of woman are you? Maybe you've felt like you're falling apart. We've all been there, right? You've asked yourself this many times: "How many times must I go through this?" You're waiting to step away from "survival" and ease into "living your best life" but for some reason, it hasn't happened. You've worked hard on yourself but you feel like you're not where you want to be. "What's the point?" - You think this, feeling frustrated and alone as you move through life. You are not the only one who feels like this We are all on…


My memoir: She Who Writes

I know not everybody feels called to share their vulnerable moments with the public. But when you read this, you will understand how we survive, how we rebuild our broken foundations and cement a new home within ourselves. One that thrives on life and love, one that feels safe inside.


20 Questions for 2020

If you're walking into 2020 with expectations of success, happiness and creativity, I've got 20 questions for you. Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash I have a bit of a ritual. On New Year's Eve, I like to plot out the year ahead, set my goals and intentions, and visualise it with a vision board. I've discovered that defining your focus for the year is a good way to stay on track and not get distracted. Getting creative about your plans for a new year means you feel more connected and in alignment with your aspirations. I mean, it is different for…


Dorothy Koomson is AWESOME (and here’s why)!

If you clicked on this blog post purely because Dorothy Koomson is in the title, you're awesome too! Me and Dorothy Koomson. Obvs. I've been a longtime fan of Dorothy's work, as a reader and as a writer. I've fallen in love with her characters, indulged in the plots and cried at the end of her books. As a writer, I appreciate the flow of her writing, the structure and her character development. She has skill and talent and a magical way of weaving words and emotions together. Her gradual progression to crime/thriller fiction has been absolutely divine and…


Shame doesn’t live here anymore

I didn't realise how much a weight I was carrying until I let go of shame and guilt. Guilt for arguing with my mum in the months before she died. Guilt for being angry at her for dying. Guilt for being manipulated into having an abortion. Guilt for having a baby two years later. Guilt for not loving my baby straight away. Guilt for loving the second one instantly. Guilt for working while they were little. Guilt for splitting up with their dad. Guilt for quitting work to study. Guilt for not being able to afford expensive Christmas presents.…


Why I Unpublished my Books

I know you've arrived here thinking, "Why on earth would she unpublish her books?" Right? When I published my first book in 2013, I didn't care for the quality of the writing. I had a half-arsed attempt at editing it, but the truth is that my grammar wasn't great. The idea of sending my book to an editor didn't even enter my mind. I just wanted the book, Shattered Dreams, out there. I wanted it published, to prove to myself that I'd finally achieved a life goal. It took me a total of four years to write it, from…

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Room 204

Way back when I had my old blog, long before I deleted it, I was writing post after post on writing. I'd positioned myself as the expert, as the voice of authority, sharing writing tips and wisdom. But towards the end, I began to hate writing for that blog. I hated writing about writing. It felt forced, like a chore that only you can do. Eventually I stopped writing, stopped updating that blog and eventually I deleted it. I'm a writer at my core, always have been and always will be. I don't write for mass audiences, I write…

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