How creativity and connection carried me through grief

I'm no stranger to the power of creativity, especially when it comes to writing. But in the last year, my world was rocked with a family death and I felt like I was drowning in grief. Rock bottom became my new home. I lost myself and felt like my mind couldn't and wouldn't work how it once did. I needed time to process the loss and get back to feeling like me again, and eventually I did. So, this is my account of how creativity and connection carried me through grief. Swipe right for friendship I was yearning for…

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How writing can help you heal

Over the years I've learned many lessons, but one remains clear: writing is a great form of self expression, and it can help you heal. In my lowest times, I've turned to my journals, pouring my pain and heartache onto the paper with words.  In my best times, I've confided in my journals like a close friend, sharing my excitement and plans for the future. I've experienced the power writing has to reconnect with Self, to explore thoughts and emotions, and to experience the power of my words. I love to create opportunities for other people to experience it…

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December Detox 2022

How does 31 days away from social media sound? Photo by Anastasia Jobson I've been taking regular social media breaks since December 2016. A whole month of not losing time on Instragram, not getting lost in Facebook comments, not getting sucked in by Twitter threads. It's delightful. It wasn't an official thing at first, I didn't announce it as December Detox or give it any other name. Taking a break from social media was a gift I gave to myself and I shared a little bit about it on my return. Some people were curious about what I did…


Create a personal retreat (without leaving your house)

Have you ever felt like you want to disappear to a cabin somewhere and have your own personal retreat? I've felt a lot like that this year. If you're reading this, I know you can relate. The online and offline world in 2020 is overwhelmingly loud and the first 6 months felt way too stressful for me to handle alone. I felt like I couldn't cope and I was beginning to have tension headaches. There was nowhere I could go and escape it all. There was nowhere to go in lockdown (except Aldi), and it was affecting me massively.…

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2019 – Mid Year Review

Has the first half of 2019 taken you by surprise? If you started this year with big hopes and dreams, then blinked and found yourself in July, welcome to my world. This year has gone fast, hasn't it? Or is that the very British way of saying time has flown, or whatever? All I know is that so much of 2019 so far has felt like groundwork for me, and I'm ready to start making the most of the next 6 months. But before I plough forward, I like to reflect on the year so far and think about…


Block and Delete: A Short Guide

Are you tired of wasting time and energy on people who don't respect you? Are you totally over waiting for someone to take responsibility for their actions? Are you ready to block and delete that negativity from your phone, social media and your life? I learned a long time ago that access to anyone is a privilege. In a world of instant messaging and live video chats, we're now able to communicate with most people, almost anywhere. But instant message does not equate to instant reply, my friends. No. This idea that people should drop everything to answer your…


5 Apps that will change EVERYTHING…

... or at least enhance your self-care practice. Let me tell you a (brief) story. A few years ago, when self love and self care were brand new concepts to me, I practised both with hot bubble baths and painting my nails. It was more about going to creative events and mixing with people who were accepting of who I was at that time. I had post-its on my bedroom mirror with positive affirmations written on and a dedicated routine of writing in my journal before I went to bed. But over the years, where all of that once…


5 Things: Achieved

Do you celebrate your successes? I've been reflecting on the last year and in a bid to reclaim 2018 as a good year, I've identified areas worth celebrating. I'm not massively in the habit of honouring my achievements. I'm an overachiever and what might seem amazing to you, dear reader, often never feels good enough for me. But I'm working on what changing my skewed perception of myself, because it really doesn't serve me or my purpose. I've written about the challenges that came with 2018, but it wasn't all bad. Here are 5 things I achieved last year:…


What My Depression Looks Like

Are you drowning too? You might think this picture is a mess. I call it depression. Where housework becomes overwhelming, clutter starts to mount, and I have little motivation or energy do anything about it. Just take a photo, so I can remind myself how bad things can get. I'm not going to pretend that I'm a tidy person - I'm not. I collect clutter. I find it hard to throw things away (it used to give me anxiety) but I am much better now. I can't even blame my kids, they only follow the standard that I set.…


I’m a Survivor

TW: Abuse & Sexual Violence I want to talk less about my anxiety and depression this year, and more about the abuse and trauma that caused it. I want to bring to light what it feels to be raped as a 7 year old and threatened with "you'll be taken away if you tell." I want to talk about being so hungry that I'd scrounge crisps off other kids at school and always ask for seconds at lunchtime, because sometimes food shopping money was spent on alcohol. I want to talk about there being domestic violence at home and…



Whether you've followed me from my former blog, or you're a brand new reader, welcome to my new blog! As I type this, I'm currently in my second week of my December Detox and I feel focused. My head is clear and my heart is roaring at me to type, type, type. I'm using this time to reconnect with myself, but this also gives me opportunity to reconnect with you too.  So, welcome to my shiny new blog! Why did you start a new blog? I felt like the old one was a bit stale. I'd lost the love…


5 things I loved about 2018

While I could dwell on the awful parts of last year, it would be totally unfair to not give any mention to all the things I loved. So, in no particular order, here are a 5 things this year that really, really made me smile.