The Influence of Girl Power

As a child, I was absolutely in love with the Spice Girls and everything they stood for. I'd never thought deeply into how Girl Power had influenced the person I've become until more recently.

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I’m scared

It's common for us to stay at levels in our lives that bring us comfort. Change is hard, isn't it? Especially when it is unwelcome and unexpected. I've spent a few years developing who I am, my work and my brand. I've been in and out of counselling, attempting to work on my demons. I've said things out loud that I have held in for years, felt the emotional agony in my chest that comes from releasing ancient trauma. I've given myself permission to really begin the healing process, to learn the tools to work through it all and…


I’m a Survivor

TW: Abuse & Sexual Violence I want to talk less about my anxiety and depression this year, and more about the abuse and trauma that caused it. I want to bring to light what it feels to be raped as a 7 year old and threatened with "you'll be taken away if you tell." I want to talk about being so hungry that I'd scrounge crisps off other kids at school and always ask for seconds at lunchtime, because sometimes food shopping money was spent on alcohol. I want to talk about there being domestic violence at home and…