How creativity and connection carried me through grief

I'm no stranger to the power of creativity, especially when it comes to writing. But in the last year, my world was rocked with a family death and I felt like I was drowning in grief. Rock bottom became my new home. I lost myself and felt like my mind couldn't and wouldn't work how it once did. I needed time to process the loss and get back to feeling like me again, and eventually I did. So, this is my account of how creativity and connection carried me through grief. Swipe right for friendship I was yearning for…

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Staying Social When Social Distancing

For those of you who maintain an active social life, staying inside away from everybody may be challenging for you. Where before you could visit friends or meet up for dinner, now you're instructed to stay indoors and only venture out for essential shopping or work. So, how do you stay connected during social distancing? Drawing on my own experience with my close friends and support networks, here is what can potentially work well for you: Whatsapp I'm in a few Whatsapp groups with different friendship circles, where the activity has certainly increased during this time. From saying good…