What I Did: Changed Career

Over a decade ago, I was a Manager in a betting shop. I was 20 and had worked my way up in an industry that wasn't particularly kind to women (or even young women). I enjoyed the customer service aspect but I longed to work in a women's organisation. I'd grown up in domestic violence and had stayed in a refuge, and I really just wanted to be like the children's worker who used to come in twice a week. I scoured the paper for job opportunities but these types of roles were hard to come by. Then one day…


Room 204

Way back when I had my old blog, long before I deleted it, I was writing post after post on writing. I'd positioned myself as the expert, as the voice of authority, sharing writing tips and wisdom. But towards the end, I began to hate writing for that blog. I hated writing about writing. It felt forced, like a chore that only you can do. Eventually I stopped writing, stopped updating that blog and eventually I deleted it. I'm a writer at my core, always have been and always will be. I don't write for mass audiences, I write…

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