How writing a book will really help you

Shattered Dreams by Annika Spalding (no longer available) When I wrote my first book, I had no thoughts about how it might help me; I just wanted to write a book. I had no idea about what might or could happen I pressed publish, and I certainly didn't expect everything that came after. Connecting with people every day is easy because social media, and I love interacting with my online audience. More recently I've been speaking with aspiring or established business owners who are in the process of putting their words onto paper, and the conversations we have are…

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What I Want to Achieve in 2019

Have you thought about the year you want to have? My word for this year carries a strong theme: THRIVE. I want to thrive in all ways possible. I want my choices, conversations and collaborations to reflect it. I want to make conscious decisions, being mindful of the outcome I want. It's all about planting seeds, isn't it? Nurturing it, watering it and helping it to grow. Perhaps I'm the seed right now, and the nurturing I need is from myself first. That means creating opportunities, trying new things, practising radical self-love and self-care at all times, and allowing…