5 Good Reasons to Start a Blog

You're thought about it before but maybe now is the time to start a blog. Sure, you could argue the blogging industry is oversaturated but despite that, I still believe there's room for you. How so? Because the blogging world hasn't experienced your unique perspective yet. When I first began blogging, I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t make much of an effort and I didn’t blog with any clear focus or plan. I just liked writing and that’s what I did, but over the years my outlook has changed and now I know what an asset a blog…

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Is blogging for you?

I'm in conversations with people who are ready to start a blog, and I'm excited for them. But it got me thinking. What about the people who are still unsure about taking the next step? What about those who have all the ideas but lack the confidence to try? It's easy for me to tell you to just go for it, I'm here with a blog. It's easy for me to tell you to write what feels right, I'm an experienced writer. But I will tell you that blogging has its benefits, which include: a boost in confidence, a…


28 Content Prompts for February

Are you a brilliant blogger? Or a social media enthusiast? This blog is for you. If you've been searching for inspiration or direction when creating content for your platforms, look no further. I've created some topics to prompt your ideas and inspire your creativity. Please note: those prompts reflect my own interests too (writing and sisterhood), so feel free to adapt them to suit your own. Inspirational Quotes about WomenInspirational Quotes about WritingMy Ten Favourite IG AccountsQuick Tip of the Day (video)Event AnnouncementPromote your servicesCase StudyAnswer FAQ/ Catch Up postFavourite Hacks & ToolsBehind the ScenesWeekly round-up of my favourite…

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Whether you've followed me from my former blog, or you're a brand new reader, welcome to my new blog! As I type this, I'm currently in my second week of my December Detox and I feel focused. My head is clear and my heart is roaring at me to type, type, type. I'm using this time to reconnect with myself, but this also gives me opportunity to reconnect with you too.  So, welcome to my shiny new blog! Why did you start a new blog? I felt like the old one was a bit stale. I'd lost the love…