5 Good Reasons to Start a Blog

You're thought about it before but maybe now is the time to start a blog. Sure, you could argue the blogging industry is oversaturated but despite that, I still believe there's room for you. How so? Because the blogging world hasn't experienced your unique perspective yet. When I first began blogging, I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t make much of an effort and I didn’t blog with any clear focus or plan. I just liked writing and that’s what I did, but over the years my outlook has changed and now I know what an asset a blog…

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Personal Branding: Who are you?

Who are you, hun? When I arrived onto the creative scene in Birmingham in 2013, I thought I knew who I was. I didn't have a clue about personal branding. I thought I was a writer who was starting to love herself. On some level, that is still true but over the years I've unpeeled and unraveled my many layers to really get to know who I am. So, who are you? Personal branding is incredibly powerful, in case you didn't already know. I've known for a while that people connect with people before they connect with a product,…


5 Things: Gratitude

Can you find 5 things to be grateful for? I've been having personal accountability chats with a good friend and we've decided to highlight the good things in our lives. And in all honesty, I know I really don't have to think too deep to know what they are. 5 Things I am Grateful For Let's start here: My desire to heal. Sometimes I've felt like maybe I'll just be damaged forever. Maybe there'll be no fixing this, whatever 'this' is. Despite this, I'm proactive around my mental health. I'll seek counselling. I'll practice mindfulness. I'll be selective about…