Why I’m leaving social media (and where you can find me instead)

After years of spending time on social media, I've decided it's time to step away for the forseeable future. I already take a month-long break from the online world in December every year, but it's not enough. Social media has become a place that drains energy, time and resources, for very little return. Or at least on my part. I'm open to the idea that perhaps I've shifted as well. There was a time where I'd happily spend hours on the apps, but these days it feels like a waste of my time. It feels like while I'm on…


How creativity and connection carried me through grief

I'm no stranger to the power of creativity, especially when it comes to writing. But in the last year, my world was rocked with a family death and I felt like I was drowning in grief. Rock bottom became my new home. I lost myself and felt like my mind couldn't and wouldn't work how it once did. I needed time to process the loss and get back to feeling like me again, and eventually I did. So, this is my account of how creativity and connection carried me through grief. Swipe right for friendship I was yearning for…

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How writing can help you heal

Over the years I've learned many lessons, but one remains clear: writing is a great form of self expression, and it can help you heal. In my lowest times, I've turned to my journals, pouring my pain and heartache onto the paper with words.  In my best times, I've confided in my journals like a close friend, sharing my excitement and plans for the future. I've experienced the power writing has to reconnect with Self, to explore thoughts and emotions, and to experience the power of my words. I love to create opportunities for other people to experience it…

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December Detox 2022

How does 31 days away from social media sound? Photo by Anastasia Jobson I've been taking regular social media breaks since December 2016. A whole month of not losing time on Instragram, not getting lost in Facebook comments, not getting sucked in by Twitter threads. It's delightful. It wasn't an official thing at first, I didn't announce it as December Detox or give it any other name. Taking a break from social media was a gift I gave to myself and I shared a little bit about it on my return. Some people were curious about what I did…


Writing Prompts for Busy People

We all like the idea of having an hour to write every day, but having that time is just not always possible. So, it's best to make peace with that and make the most of the time that you do have. Writing in short bursts can really help to ignite your passion, your excitement, and your enthusiasm for your writing project. Whether it is a chapter in a book, a blog post, or even in your journal, you'll feel good about having written something. Writing 100 words is always better than nothing, right? Using just 15 minutes for focused…

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Women Who Write Books

I've always loved reading books and dreamed of being an author. After I published my first few books, I realised how much I wanted to connect with other writers. At that time, I was the only person I knew who was doing what I was doing, and I longed to have people to talk about writing with. I decided to create an event where authors and writers could come together. My event was called So, You Want to Write A Book? and while I could have had a starring role in it, really I just hosted it and enjoyed the vibes. https://www.facebook.com/AnnikaSpalding/photos/a.1082925228439685/1082926151772926…


So, you want to publish a workbook?

If you had a great idea for a workbook and the information to make it happen, would you go ahead and publish one? As a Creative Mentor, I get to witness the development of the most beautiful projects and ventures. There's something magical about seeing someone's eyes sparkle when they talk about an idea, share their progress, and finally reach their goal. Even more so when I know they have planned and worked hard for it. Recently I published a workbook and advised some of my mentoring clients to think about doing the same. They offer services to the…

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Running away from comfort or towards freedom?

A failed quest for freedom? When I was little, I wanted to run away from home. The first time I did this, I'd been told off by my mum. I put my dressing gown and a teddy into my lunchbox, walked up to the top of the road, and sat on a garden wall. My little sister came and told me that my mum wanted me, so I went home. I was so upset when she wouldn't let me back out. (As a mum now I can see why she didn't!) Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com I thought…

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December Detox 2021

Gift yourself clarity, peace, and opportunity by signing up for December Detox. I challenge you to delete your social media apps and remove that digital distraction from your life for the whole of December. This is what I call a detox. Sometimes we just need a break from socials, right? I invite you to join me. This is the 4th time I’m running December Detox since deciding to share my personal practice with people who need it. Last year's round really changed the game for me and I've not had the same relationship with social media since. I even…


Self-Care Review: The Massage Company

Self-care is at the top of my agenda this year so, when I was invited to review The Massage Company I leapt at the opportunity. It's no secret that I live with anxiety and living through a pandemic has only served to give me more things to worry about. Working from home sounds like a dream until you're forced to do it while homeschooling your children while keeping the house tidy, and having an abundance of Zoom meetings. Me on the day of the massage - absolutely knackered. When I took a leap of faith in June this year…