Are we creating without fear?

I feel like I've spent most of 2018 with fear in my mouth. Negativity invading my language, anxiety intruding on my thoughts, and fear interrupting my affirmations. I'm a writer, yes, published a few books, yes, studied a writing degree, yes, consulted with various creatives on content creation and personal branding, yes, good at this stuff, ABSOLUTELY, so why am I holding back? Creativity used to pour out of me. I used to feel so inspired, I'd stay up until dawn, writing books, stories and poetry. When I was in touch with myself and my creativity, my writing became my…


5 things I loved about 2018

While I could dwell on the awful parts of last year, it would be totally unfair to not give any mention to all the things I loved. So, in no particular order, here are a 5 things this year that really, really made me smile.