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Sunday Self-Care: A Plan

It’s the end of the weekend and the eve of a new week, but have you taken care of your needs?

Confession: I’m an advocate for self-care and self-love but I am far from being perfect at practising it.

With a hectic weekly schedule of work, children, love life, housework and social life, I often survive by doing the bare minimum: brush teeth, have a bath, wear clean clothes, eat breakfast, etc.

But surely I’m here to do more than survive the day-to-day? And so are you.

If we truly want to thrive in 2019 and beyond, then we need to up our level of self-care.

Before we get in the habit of practising self-care daily, we need to create a plan.

This helps to:

  1. Ease the pressure of constantly thinking of new activities
  2. Be clear in what works and what doesn’t
  3. Create a ritual of self-care that becomes part of our daily routine.

Self-care is a commitment between you and you. It’s a promise you make to your inner child to invest in daily activity that nourishes your soul. It’s an agreement you make with your subconscious that reinforces your worth. So, if you’re doing nothing for yourself, your subconscious believes you are worth nothing. If you’re doing daily self-care, your subconscious believes you are worth that daily effort.

We can say all the right words, but feeling worthy of your own time and energy will only arrive once you bring your actions into alignment.

Create a self-care plan.

It would be wonderful to feel happy all the time but we won’t be and that is okay. Having bubble baths and solo dates at your favourite restaurant is easy to do when you are feeling great, but what about when you’re feeling low?

This is where a Self Care Plan comes in.

  • Write down the following words:  Music, Films, Activities, People, Reminders, Rituals
  • Underneath each of the words, write a list of all the things associated with it that make you feel good. I’ll do the same as an example below:

Music:  Can’t take that away by Mariah Carey, Chandelia by Sis, Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys
Films:  To The Boys I Loved Before, Maleficent, Wonder Woman
Activities:  Walk in the park, dance to music, go through old journals, read
People: Natasha, Karen, April
Reminders:  “I loved the woman that I am because I thought to become her.”
Rituals: Light incense (Jasmine is my favourite!), candle lit bubble bath, three deep breaths

Feel free to alter and adapt it to suit your own interests. If you put it on paper or card, decorate it and put it somewhere you can see it daily. If you put it on a spreadsheet or document, don’t forget to include links and send a shortcut to your desktop/

Things to consider:

  • Have a morning and evening routine.
  • Include time to reflect on your week and prepare for the week ahead.
  • Your self-care plan can change to suit your changing needs.
  • You’re worth it!

Now you have a plan to refer to when you’re not feeling at your best!

Are you pretty good at self-care? Share your tips below!

With love,

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