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So, you want to publish a workbook?

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If you had a great idea for a workbook and the information to make it happen, would you go ahead and publish one?

As a Creative Mentor, I get to witness the development of the most beautiful projects and ventures. There’s something magical about seeing someone’s eyes sparkle when they talk about an idea, share their progress, and finally reach their goal. Even more so when I know they have planned and worked hard for it.

Recently I published a workbook and advised some of my mentoring clients to think about doing the same. They offer services to the public in the form of sessions, workshops and programmes, so it makes sense to me to put some of that expertise in a workbook that people can purchase too.

You only need to create it once and self-publishing via KDP is easy – also means you don’t need loads of money or a publishing contract to get started. What do you need?

Tips for writing a workbook

Congratulations to Karen Preen, aka @deadliftsandredlips, for publishing her first workbook!
  • A strong and clear vision

You have to know exactly the kind of experience you want your followers to have when they go through your workbook. You have to think about what you’d like to teach and what you want your followers to do. Also, think about where it sits within your expertise and your brand. Ask yourself, “does this make sense?”

If you already have a programme or a workshop, think of the workbook as an extension of that. The workbook is all about them working independently with some guidance provided by you. So, what do you need to provide that.

Pro tip: Don’t aim to cover 1937346 topics in one workbook. Focus on one aspect of your work or theme, pick an angle and develop the workbook around that.

Have an audience ready

If you’re already developing your personal or business brand on social media, you already have an audience waiting for you to release this workbook.

If people are booking your sessions and workshops, are signing up to your programmes, engaging in your IG lives, comment on and share your social media posts, then they are ready for this workbook.

You don’t have to have 10k followers on IG before you launch anything. An engaged audience is the best kind of audience, no matter what the size. If they like you and what you do, they will also like your workbook.

Established brand voice

Some of my most recent mentoring clients are business owners with a decent amount of social media activity. They use social media to market their work and reach new people. So, they are constantly creating content for it.

If this is also you and you’re thinking of developing a workbook, it is essential that you maintain your style of writing in it. Don’t adopt a completely different tone or style for the workbook compared to how you write your captions on Instagram – it will only serve to alienate your existing followers.

Don’t get it into your head that you have to write like Mr William Shakespeare either – unless that is how you usually communicate with your followers.

I’ve got a degree in creative and professional writing so it is easy for me to say “write authentically”, I get it. But if you write social media captions and newsletters to your followers and subscribers regularly, you are likely already doing a great job of writing in your own voice.

So, apply that to the workbook so the reader gets a sense of you that is consistent with your overall brand.

Look for resources to help you

There’s a lot we can achieve by ourselves, but we can do so much more with the right support.

There are a ton of online resources out there that will support you in developing your workbook idea. You only have to type “workbook kdp” in YouTube to get a selection of videos.

You could also test the idea out using a survey and ask your followers to share their thoughts. Then you can use that to create a workbook that you know will speak to their needs.

Talk through your ideas with someone who has experience, can offer practical advice, and believes in you. Highly recommended.

Set aside time and commit to making it happen

It’s one thing wanting to have a workbook, but you also need to make time for it.

So, be realistic. Carve out time in your schedule to plan, draft, and refine it. It doesn’t need to happen all on one day, or even in the same month. Be realistic with the demands of your everyday life and set aside time you can commit to.

You might opt for a Sunday morning while your family is still asleep. Or maybe 15 minutes of your lunch break everyday because that’s when you have the most ideas. Do what works for you, but be consistent.

We all have great ideas, let’s be honest. But it’s up to the individual to put enough energy and time into it to make it a reality.

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