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Room 204

Way back when I had my old blog, long before I deleted it, I was writing post after post on writing. I’d positioned myself as the expert, as the voice of authority, sharing writing tips and wisdom.

But towards the end, I began to hate writing for that blog. I hated writing about writing. It felt forced, like a chore that only you can do. Eventually I stopped writing, stopped updating that blog and eventually I deleted it.

I’m a writer at my core, always have been and always will be. I don’t write for mass audiences, I write for myself, or at least I used to.

Falling out of love with writing

When I finished my studies in Creative and Professional Writing last year, I didn’t really have a plan. Academic writing had took its toll and it literally took me months to get back to wanting to write again.

Trouble is, in my current social circles, I am the expert writer. In a community of creatives, I know few who have done what I’ve done.

I didn’t want my writing career to end at the end of my degree, I wanted to use it to launch it. I wanted to learn and experience more, to develop my profession in this area and be all I can be.

But it made sense that I could only get this from fellow writers, from those who love the written word just as I do, for those who take themselves seriously.

A new direction and a vote of confidence

So, I signed up for Writing West Midlands Room 204 Writer Development programme. Every year, 15 emerging writers are selected to join this programme for creative networking opportunities and professional guidance – and career growth!

Out of over 150 applicants, I was one of the 15 writers selected to join this year’s cohort.

(c) Paul Stringer

For years I’ve enjoyed the recognition for my successes, but I’ve always craved the recognition for the quality of my writing, and this is it. I submitted new pieces of writing in my application, newer than anything I have published right now, and now I’m officially a Room 204er.

I’m thrilled, absolutely, but equally ready to grow in ways I couldn’t have done on my own – and I’ve done a lot on my own.

But I can’t forever be a teacher. I want to remain a student too and through this incredible opportunity, I plan to thrive and shine as a writer.

Watch this space.

With love,

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