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Queens Counsel

Behind every strong woman is a tribe of other strong women who have her back… Queens Counsel is the tribe you’ve been waiting for!

About this Event

Celebrating sisterhood, friendship and support, Queens Counsel invites you to become part of a movement on International Women’s Day.

Brought together by good vibes and a passion for life, we’ve nurtured a strong and powerful friendship over the last five years.

The support we’ve given each other through divorces, childbirth, job changes, mental health and challenges, has been the very thing that has kept us going so far.

We believe every sister deserves the opportunity to experience a powerful sisterhood group, but we know that not every sister has had the opportunity to try.

Queens Counsel promises to leave you feeling inspired, supported and confident about yourself and your future. Through a series of talks, activities and shared experiences, we’re intending you leave feeling more celebrated and loved than you did when you arrive.

If you’re looking for a new circle of friends, ready to thrive in life with your sisterhood at your side, this is the event for you.

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