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No More Secrets

If you’re a long-term follower of my work, you’ll notice the change in my content more recently.

I’m sharing more than I’ve ever shared before. I’m being explicit about my experiences, on social media and here. I’m pouring out my stories of trauma and labelling it as such.

Where I was once afraid to speak with this level of conviction, now I am no longer afraid of what has been done to me. No more secrets, no more holding in the things that have hurt me the most.

The response I’ve had from my online communities has been incredible. But it sparked curiousity in me: if this is my experience, what is yours?

My main audience is on Instagram. I have the biggest and most interactive following there. It’s just a different vibe, you know?

I have a business account, so I regularly check the Insights to get a greater understanding of who follows me.

The basics:

The basic statistics for my audience doesn’t surprise me. I’m well aware that most people who follow me are women who are a similar age to me. I know a third of my audience are men, and while that baffles me to some extent, it’s good to know my message inspires people across the board.

Two thirds of my followers are women.
The majority of my audience are aged between 25-34 years.
The majority of my audience live in Birmingham.

I love that my audience is mainly in Birmingham. It used to be London and it peeved me to know that I wasn’t supported by my hometown. But that wasn’t the case, obviously, because you can see the majority of my audience resides in the same city as me. But I have a presence in London, as you can, as well as oversees.

Beyond the basics

This kind of information is easily accessible for anyone who knows how to navigate their social media. However, I was curious to know more about the people who follow me. Beyond their gender, age and location, I wanted to know if we shared similar experiences.

The poll

A wonderful feature of IG Stories is the Poll. It’s a great way to get your audience to interact, vote and just connect with you. I absolutely love it and I find my followers happily engage.

So I decided to ask some personal questions.

I promised confidentiality, because sharing intimate experiences is daunting enough without having your identity exposed when you’re far from ready.

And I asked a series of questions based on what I’ve shared about myself recently.

The results were beyond powerful.

The results

Of over 100 people who watched my IG Stories that day, over 40 people participated in the votes.

I had a series of messages in response to the questions, but as promised I won’t share them here.

This is what I now know about my IG Audience:

What happens next

I’m taking this as confirmation that the people I want to help the most, women affected by trauma, have already found me. They are already connected, I’m already accessible to them.

And this I will consider every time I create a blog post or an IG Story or a workshop.

If I ever doubt who I am serving, I can return to this and remind myself that there is purpose in sharing my story, and by helping myself I am helping others.

No more hiding in the darkness. No more secrets.

What do you know about your IG following?

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