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No Dick, Drama or Distractions in 2020

I’ve thought about it and wrote about it, and I’m certain that the only way to be successful in 2020 is to avoid dick, drama and distractions.

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Before I wished a Happy New Year to my loved ones, I knew the energy of this new decade would be different. The final months leading up to 2020 had rounded up some harsh lessons. It put a spotlight on the toxic cycles that I couldn’t continue with.

I accomplished my goals for 2019 but I still experienced unexpected shifts and changes in my life. The disappointment that followed was almost unbearable, but just enough for me to vow not to feel like that again.

The biggest gift of 2019 was getting back to myself. When I became single again, I felt a craving for my own time, creativity and company. I missed myself, as strange as it sounds. I longed to be alone with the ideas and dreams that had been swimming around in my head for months.

The second half of 2019 introduced a heightened focus and a new sense of self. I started writing more honestly again. I became strategic with my plans and braver with my goals.

I lied to myself. I decided that I was lazy and hadn’t written many blog posts or communicated much with my mailing list. But when I analysed the stats, I learned 2019 was one of my most productive yet.

Perspective truly is a beautiful thing and even more so when you pull the wool away from your eyes.

I’m around 6 months deep in indulging in myself. I’ve been getting lost in my creativity and planning for a brighter future. I’m enjoying writing again, loving the ideas flowing and feel inspired all the time. I’ve been using it productively, creating more content and planning ferociously ahead. This feeling of focus and inspiration feels like a blessing and I don’t want it to end.

The beauty in all of this is knowing that it comes from myself. As I type this, I haven’t been on social media for a month. I haven’t had sex for months. I’m not even dating, not even remotely interested in anyone. Nobody but me is fuelling my inspiration right now. I am the source of it all and that feels incredibly powerful.

This period of my life has already faced challenges, of course. I don’t have energy or interest in contributing to or creating drama. I love to help others, but it can no longer come at a cost to myself. I’m in love with the mental space I’m in. I feel like I’m in control of my mind and my emotions. I’m not run ragged by intense emotions or erratic thoughts anymore.

This is why I’m not entertaining dick, drama or distractions in 2020.

I made room for clarity, creation and contentment only. I’m choosing bravery, taking risks and excitement. I will create opportunities for open communication, compassion and sometimes compromise. It’s not my job to keep myself small to comfort others. I won’t sit back in silence and let the world turn without me.

Instead, I’m choosing to be intentional about how and where I spend my time and energy. I will be intentional about creating, taking chances and creating opportunities for myself, and others, to shine.

So here’s to 2020, which will definitely be my most selfish yet because it’s all about me. I’ve dedicated it to what I want to achieve, do and feel in a year. I am my priority because I know this commitment will define the next decade of my life. It’s a responsibility I’m taking seriously.

What are you focusing on in 2020?

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