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My memoir: She Who Writes

Why I wrote this memoir

I began writing She Who Writes in December 2018, during my social media detox. I felt an urge to write my story. It was strange at the time because being vulnerable in writing was fairly new to me. My mental health had spiralled, I was on medication and halfway through another round of counselling, and the pull to tell my story came out of nowhere.

Yeah, I’d referred to it over the years, spoke about it openly (to an extent) on social media, and even more bluntly at events. I’d even gone as far to speak on radio about experiencing domestic violence in childhood but I came away feeling like there was so much I’d left out. After a while, it just feels like you’re telling a short story because you’re barely scratching the surface of the book that is you. 

Some stories are written to be shared.

It’s interesting I even started this project. It went against every part of me that held onto the ‘safety’ of silence. This kind of writing is usually reserved for my journal. But as the words fell onto paper and I read them back, I realised I had no business keeping all of that to myself. I lived through it and came out the other side, and I felt called to share that journey with others on the same path.

That feeling has now turned into my memoir, She Who Writes, which will be published on 16th July 2020.

This book is for you.

So, maybe you’re at the beginning of your healing journey, maybe you’ve been on it for a while. Or maybe you witnessed a friend journey through it? Maybe you’re wondering about your own healing?

I wrote my memoir as a final thank you to the woman I was before. She went through so much and I am so, so sorry about all she endured on my watch. She pushed through to ensure she’d become the woman I am now because she really believed in me. It’s important to me that I tell her story too, that part of me deserves to be heard.

I know not everybody feels called to share their vulnerable moments with the public. But when you read this, you will understand how we survive, how we rebuild our broken foundations and cement a new home within ourselves. One that thrives on life and love, one that feels safe inside.

Because shame doesn’t live here anymore.

She Who Writes is personal for me because I wrote it with love. It’s the kind of book you buy for someone you love. I want you to buy this book for you.

About She Who Writes

She Who Writes is a heartfelt memoir, a collection of lessons learned from the various traumas and challenges faced by Annika Spalding.

After years of living with the impact of trauma, Annika believed that the best way to survive was to play by the rules and stay silent.

It. Did. Not. Work.

In fighting fear to face her truth, Annika found freedom in rewriting her story and eventually found her voice.

“What I want for you to know is that you can come from an adverse background and still create a life you’re happy to live in. You can experience trauma in the past and still heal. You can experience trauma now and still have potential. It is not the trauma or the aftermath of it that defines us, it’s who we are underneath it all, despite it all.”

She Who Writes launches on Thursday 16th July 2020.

You can preorder your copy now:

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