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Unapologetic and Authentic@Charmian
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Reading this felt like having a deep and meaningful conversation with a bonifide sistren. So many elements were very relatable, almost like Annika was telling me my own story in some parts. It was written in an unapologetic and quite explicit format but at no point did I feel offended or uncomfortable. I read it within about 4 hours and found it totally engaging from beginning to end. The level of authenticity was commendable. I won't use the terminology of Annika being 'brave' as that's not my interpretation of her sharing whom she was, is and will become. I felt that it's her truth that needed to be written, you can feel it's cathartic healing as you turn each page for both you as the reader and Annika. I am honoured to have read your memoir and I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is on a journey of self discovery, self development, self love, self acceptance and self understanding. For me it encapsulated the importance of walking and speaking in our truth and the continous nature of self healing from life's adversities and building resilience and learning lessons as part of our individual journeys but recognising we are so intertwined with the experiences and journeys of others.
Powerful, enlightening, healing must buy@Tina
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I resonate so much with She Who Writes, the healing process is clearly explained and the examples shared have confirmed to me the things I have at times questioned about my own healing have been right. When healing it’s hard to find that person to share the process with and you can become isolated, She Who Writes bridges that gap and has become that very needed friend. She Who Writes has confirmed to me that I am allowed to feel all what I feel and I am not alone, I am allowed to heal the way I’m meant to, not how others say I need to. She Who Writes has given me permission to be authentically me, to claim my power back without shame. She Who Writes is a powerful book which everyone needs to read.
Raw yet extremely relatable
Raw yet extremely relatable@riverrillox
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This was my first time reading the authors work but after seeing her name pop up a few times in the past week I felt called to order, and, upon delving in, I completed the book within some hours. ‘She Who Writes’ is a memoir that showcases resilience and a “try-again” attitude. Annika has had an unfair share of traumas in her 33-years yet when faced with obstacles, she has continued to pick herself back up and persevere; to receive what she deserves from life — for herself and her daughters. You can feel the bravery it’s taken for her to share some moments and that bearing of the soul is appreciated. I resonated with many of her experiences and it was refreshing to read how free she feels now.

She Who Writes

She Who Writes is a heartfelt memoir, a collection of lessons learned from the various traumas and challenges faced by Annika Spalding.

After years of living with the impact of trauma, Annika believed that the best way to survive was to play by the rules and stay silent.

It. Did. Not. Work.

In fighting fear to face her truth, Annika found freedom in rewriting her story, and eventually found her voice.

Where she was once dismissive of her experiences of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, gaslighting and betrayal, mental health decline and emotional disconnection, she finally addressed it all.

She stopped looking outside of herself for clues on how she should heal, and instead took steps that just felt right.

It’s been beyond transformational and this memoir encompasses the journey.

“What I want for you to know is that you can come from an adverse background and still create a life you’re happy to live in. You can experience trauma in the past and still heal. You can experience trauma now and still have potential. It is not the trauma or the aftermath of it that defines us, it’s who we are underneath it all, despite it all.” 

Annika invites you to put fear aside as you read She Who Writes and know that you too can rewrite your story.

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Great little book!! Well worth the money!!@Curley
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I love this little book so much. Such great ideas. Well written and a must for inspiring writers.
Beautifully written@Amazon Customer
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I stumbled upon this book by accident, so glad I did!. Beautifully written, insightful and comforting. It's encouraged me to start journaling and I'm in the middle of setting up a blog. I would encourage anyone to buy this book

What's your story?

What often appears as an impossible mountain to climb, can certainly be broken down into manageable hikes, and this is the approach I like to bring to writing.

How can you write a book if the very idea of writing anything seems daunting?

What’s Your Story? will not teach you linguistics or the rules of grammar and punctuation. It will not demand hours and hours of your time to work through it all at once, a little at a time will be enough.

This book will not solve your problems, it will not pay your bills or grant you five years of youth, but it has the power to change your life.

The intention is that this book will get you writing. You’ll be inspired by the content of the pages, and find yourself a willing participant in the exercises. You’ll be overcome with a feeling that you might not recognise, simply because you’ve tried something new.

What’s Your Story? has the power to draw you out of your comfort zone, if you’re willing to let it go. And I’m hoping, really hoping that by the time you reach the end you’ll be proud of what you have achieved.

If you’re willing to consider the possibility that your words matter, that you can write and surprise yourself with the results of your efforts, then this is the right book for you.

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Inviting, encouraging and exceptional@ MISS R JAMES
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I tried the December detox in 2021 thinking I'd feel so lost without my social media. But with the combination of the email prompts and this journal it helped give structure and a positive replacement for my social media fix! The book has daily prompts - perfect if you want to journal but have no idea where to start. There are spaces in the book to brainstorm and draw. Because it doesn't have specific dates in it you can use any month of year. Also I really loved the weekly reflections too. A great accompaniment to a social media whether your going solo or joining the group.

social media detox: a workbook

Can you BELIEVE you are doing this?

Signing up for a WHOLE MONTH without social media? HOW ON EARTH WILL YOU COPE? Will your followers forget all about you? Will the online world CEASE TO EXIST without your presence? Will you find ways of filling the UNCOMFORTABLE SILENCE in the absence of your favourite apps?

Join award-winning author and Creative Mentor Annika Spalding for a month of logging out social media and tuning back into yourself.

This workbook includes journal prompts, tasks, freewriting and other activities to support you on your social media break.