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Can you find unity in a room full of strangers?

Photos by Lex Washington Photography

I was invited to speak at Manifest event recently.

Shreya, the owner of Aligned, is a good friend of mine and I was eager to support her with her event. I know all that I bring to any partnership and years of practise have given me a lot of confidence in this area. But I didn’t want that to overshadow Shreya’s experience, I didn’t want to resume my habit of taking the lead on everything.

Instead, I decided to help her with planning her debut paid event, Manifest, opting to stay in the background and give the spotlight to a young woman ready to shine.

In her approach to anything, Shreya is incredibly humble and genuine. Her intentions for Manifest was more about uniting a community of spiritually inclined people than to gain likes for her IG page. Every part of Manifest was carefully planned and thought through, and it was clear she had the attendees’ experience in mind with every detail.

Hero, founder of Kemetic Moon, and Rachel, founder of A Bridge to Tranquility, are both prominent members of Birmingham’s rising spiritual community.

I’ve met Hero on a couple of occasions, but never had a chance to really speak to her until Manifest. Rachel, a third generation psychic, offers a service that I love and find value in. But I’d never been on a line-up with either of them, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect.

Thing is, my anxiety had me in a terrible place. I fought my emotions to attend Manifest, fought my depression so that I could commit to the booking. My segment was at the beginning and I remember the power of my words almost brought me to tears, because I didn’t know where I get the strength from.

In preparation for the event, I’d arrived early and began setting up. What I loved is how we all set up together, even though we were simply booked to speak, even though it wasn’t strictly our event. And this is what I love about Shreya and how she works: she naturally draws people into a partnership and promotes a harmonious work-ethic that is contagious.

I have to say, all facilitators, including Shreya’s mum, oozed sincerity and passion for their work, and it was an incredibly engaging event. As each woman got up to facilitate her segment, the rest of us sat at the side and indulged in no-filter conversations about our individual experiences. We whispered and giggled and smiled and supported each other, a bond that wasn’t years in the making, a sisterhood that wasn’t forced by circumstances.

And isn’t this the beauty of being in the company of like-minded individuals? People who move with love at the forefront of everything they do? Where core values are shared and honesty is a given?

This experience was extended to the attendees, all the women and a handful of men who attended. A mixture of backgrounds, genders, cultures, religions and ages, but together for a shared interest. It was an incredible energy to contribute to and receive.

Manifest was fully booked, attended by almost 30 people in total. The activities were varied, there were opportunities for people to work together, snacks, awesome goody bags, incense, meditation, New Moon ritual guidance… it was an afternoon filled with magic.

What I loved about this event is how effortlessly it seemed together, how the energies between us merged beautifully, how united we felt as a group and the love that floated about our heads as we meditated.

Thank you Shreya for creating this gorgeous event! You created magic!

You can find unity in a room full of strangers. I found it at Manifest.

Were you there?

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