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Leave No Woman Behind

To say I am a Woman’s Woman is an understatement.

I live and breathe and speak sisterhood at every given opportunity. I do. It’s at the core of everything I do and everything I want to do.

But I’m realising I was misguided for some time.

I was eager to inspire the female community and I thought that meant I had to dictate. I thought I had to preach, to instruct, to tell my sisters what they needed to do.

But I’ve got it wrong, so wrong.

Now I realise the best thing I can do to help any woman, is to help myself first.

To take my own advice. To live my life as an example. To share my story, even the parts that don’t make me smile. To live with integrity and for that to reflect in every conversation, every piece of writing, every Instagram post and every collaboration.

I’ve distracted myself from real healing for years, by instead of focusing on everybody else. And while that serves a purpose, sure, I don’t think you got the best of me.

But now you will.


Part of upholding the values that embody sisterhood isn’t about telling the world how perfect you are, it’s about showing how much you struggle. It’s about sharing the ugly parts of a scenic journey, it’s about being honest and vulnerable.

But ultimately it’s about doing that with yourself first.

Because if you can’t be honest with you, how can you be honest with the rest of us?

Sisterhood is sacred. At least, it is important to me.

While our growth and evolution as women may be a very individual journey, as a collective we hold some responsibility.

We can be our biggest enemies or our greatest cheerleaders. You choose.

If I survive and thrive, I’m taking you with me so we can do it together.

I don’t carry the weight of the consequences of your choices, but I will walk alongside you while you make decisions for your greater good.

Everything that I’m doing, I do for me and my kids first, but you’re second.

I want you to see what is possible. I want you to know about the barriers I face and struggles I overcome, because I suspect that might be something you can relate to.

Sisterhood is the backbone I wish I had while still in a relationship with a narcissist. Sisterhood is the strength I needed to stay out of it. Sisterhood is the wind beneath my wings, the courage in my words and the confidence in my walk.


I’m growing, yes, I’ve changed, absolutely, but my core values of integrity, honesty and love remain the same.

I know now that to encourage you to walk the walk, I’ve got to be open about doing the same. Showing you the parts of the journey that aren’t pretty, aren’t exciting, aren’t safe, is not telling you what I can overcome. It’s about what WE as a collective can do, overcome and survive.

My growth is incredibly personal and isn’t intended to be representative of every woman out there. But I want you to see what can be done.

My journey isn’t about sitting on a pedestal and looking down at mere mortals. My journey is about leaving breadcrumbs and steps and secret doors, resources you can learn from and words you can take inspiration from.

My journey is about leaving no woman behind.

This is for us.

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