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How I launched a book online with success

I launched my memoir She Who Writes online and it was a success!

This isn’t my first, second, or even third book, so I wanted to do something special. There is no way on this planet I could have been prepared for coronavirus and lockdown, so when it came to launching my book, I had to ask myself two questions:

  1. Wait until next year to launch it
  2. Launch it anyway

Naturally I chose to launch it online.


I’ve been building my online brand for years and have a gorgeous following of people who support everything I do.

I also work in communications so putting together some images and promo text is not difficult for me to do. I’m conscious that my experience of audience engagement and community building, as well as that of content creation, mean that I already had a strong foundation to start with when launching my book online.

An online launch

With everybody spending more time online, I had to get creative about how I was going to do this. Essentially, I was competing for people’s attention and free time by asking them to come along to my online book launch.

Also, where I would usualy hold my own physical launch and attend a few networking events to raise awareness of it, I really had nothing but internet connection to promote my books.


My book was available for preorder just 10 days before the book launch.

By the time the day of the book launch arrived, 73 books had been pre-ordered.

48 hours later, a total of 165 books had sold.

72 hours later, a total of 175 had sold.

How much did I spend on promo? £0.

This is what I actually did

  • Create promotional videos and post them on social media
  • Take photos of the book and post them on social media
  • Create graphics on Canva to promote the launch
  • Send the information out to my mailing list twice
  • Create a poster promoting my book launch
  • Set up an Eventbrite event and send the link out
  • Use Zoom to host the book launch, which consisted of two readings and two Q&A session

What I didn’t do, but should have done in addition to the above

  • Write a press release
  • Contact press and media people – radio producers, journalists, magazines, etc
  • Create a media-kit
  • Send my book to a few people in advance to use the reviews in the promo for the launch

What I’m doing now

Instagram Highlights. Every day I’m tagged in posts of people having received the book, which I then share to my IG Stories and saved under a highlight called She Who Writes.

Reader reviews. People are sharing their thoughts with me as they read the book and also when they finish. I also encourage them to leave feedback on Amazon, if that is where they purchased the book. Where appropriate, I ask for permission to share their words. I say “where appropriate” because sometimes it really isn’t, sometimes my words have sparked a disclosure and that isn’t for me to share, that’s private.

Planning new content. As people are reading, I’m learning which parts of my book people are connecting with most. With this feedback, I can begin to create content that includes quotes from the book, more reader reviews, and more transparency as I continue to heal.

That’s all for now, folks!

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Are you launching a book online? Tell me all about it below – and include links!

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  1. Leila Williams

    Love this Annika! I think you could still get a press release out, talking specifically about how you had to adapt and do an online book launch and that it was a great success! x

    1. admin

      Thank you, Leila! Yeah, that’s a good point, I’ll be doing that so thank you for the nudge xxx

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