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Dorothy Koomson is AWESOME (and here’s why)!

If you clicked on this blog post purely because Dorothy Koomson is in the title, you’re awesome too!

Me and Dorothy Koomson. Obvs.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Dorothy’s work, as a reader and as a writer. I’ve fallen in love with her characters, indulged in the plots and cried at the end of her books. As a writer, I appreciate the flow of her writing, the structure and her character development. She has skill and talent and a magical way of weaving words and emotions together. Her gradual progression to crime/thriller fiction has been absolutely divine and totally in line with what I like to read.

I even had the pleasure of meeting Dorothy last year and being a total fangirl by screaming “I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN” at her before giving her a hug. She knew my name (we’re friends on Facebook, hun)! I was gassed for months. Still am, to be honest. When your favourite author knows your name and for a good reason (I hope), that’s pretty cool.

Dorothy recently published her latest novel “Tell Me Your Secret” and I’ve already got my copy. I know Dorothy has had an incredible schedule of activity in promoting her newest book, and she’s been present at book clubs, events and talks held in her honour. And why not? She’s an absolute legend and everybody should read her writing.

Early 2018, I travelled to London especially for the book club so that I could a) meet her, b) have her sign my book and c) ask her questions about writing. It was brilliant.

Here’s the good bit.

Dorothy is returning to her university in Leeds for an evening dedicated to Telling Secrets, and I’ve got the details here FOR YOU!

So let’s dive into 10 reasons why Dorothy Koomson is awesome and how you can find out for yourself (if you didn’t know already):

  1. Dorothy’s first three books – The Cupid Effect, The Chocolate Run and My Best Friend’s Girl are all set in Leeds
  2. Dorothy studied Psychology and Public Media at Leeds Trinity University (or Trinity and All Saints College (TASC) as it was then) from 1990-1993
  3. Dorothy was Vice-President of the TASC Students’ Union from 1993-1994
  4. Dorothy was awarded Honorary Fellowship of Leeds Trinity University in July 2018
  5. Dorothy has written 15 novels
  6. Dorothy’s books have been translated into 30 languages worldwide
  7. Dorothy’s books have exceeded sales of two million copies in the UK alone
  8. Dorothy was described by The Independent as one of ‘Britain’s biggest selling black authors of adult fiction’
  9. Dorothy’s latest novel Tell Me Your Secret was released this week (26 June)
  10. Dorothy’s Trinity Talk, Telling Secrets, costs £10 (£12 on the door) and includes a drink on arrival, buffet dinner, entry to the talk and the opportunity to meet Dorothy at a book-signing afterwards. It is on Thursday 11th July at 7pm.

Excited? Eager to book your ticket? Ready to find a babysitter and have a perfect evening with this literary genius?

Girl. I got you.

Book your ticket here.

Then tell me all about it.

With love,

P.S. What’s your favourite Dorothy Koomson book? I love “My Best Friend’s Girl” and “Goodnight, Beautiful” but a recent fave is “The Brighton Mermaid.”

What about you?

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