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December Detox 2022

How does 31 days away from social media sound?

I’ve been taking regular social media breaks since December 2016. A whole month of not losing time on Instragram, not getting lost in Facebook comments, not getting sucked in by Twitter threads. It’s delightful. It wasn’t an official thing at first, I didn’t announce it as December Detox or give it any other name.

Taking a break from social media was a gift I gave to myself and I shared a little bit about it on my return. Some people were curious about what I did and how it was so beneficial, so I started to think about how I could recreate it for others.

In 2018 I launched December Detox as a collective experience, a powerful month that we could all share. I was doing it anyway by myself, so why not invite other people to tune out of socials and reconnect with themselves? It was a no brainer. And it was a success. 

One of the best things about doing December Detox is all the time it creates.

Suddenly you have space in your mind to think, space in your day to read a new book, space in your life to decorate your house, plan your business, write a book, or focus on self-care.

It’s amazing how much space social media takes up in our lives and in our brains, and you won’t realise just how much until you do my social media detox.

What is December Detox?

A guided social media break. You delete the apps for a month and follow my daily emails for journal prompts, inspiration and self-care tasks.

How much does it cost?

It’s free. To sign up, to take part, to benefit from this, it is free. I’ve created this from a place of love and I want you to receive it as such. Self-care is essential, and I mean that.

How many people sign up?

Last year I had a total of 214 participants. We have new sign-ups every year, which is awesome. We also have people who come back every year, which really makes me smile.

Who is this for?

Anyone who feels drained by social media and needs some time out. Anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves and be more present.

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