Are you looking for an experienced, enthusiastic, and empowering creative who can mentor you?

Are you planning an event?

Considering giving your blog a revamp?

Perhaps you want to build your online presence?

Want to get creative with practising self-love?

Or just need a career change and feel mentoring would help you?

If this is the case, you’re in the right place. Woohoo!


“I’m a fairly new business owner, I started yoga teaching in September 2018, I’d made a decent start but was looking for some additional support & guidance (& the odd bit of cheerleading) as I was looking to grow, so when the opportunity arose for coaching with Annika came up it was perfect timing! She has been great, having a fresh pair of eyes is a massive help to see opportunities & avenues I’d never thought of. Annika gives you plenty of ways to keep in touch so even if you’re not great with Skype you’ve got an avenue to suit. I’ve been giving great support & help, & have ideas that I can continue to build on & develop on my own. Honestly the best bit has been having someone who gets excited about what you’re doing, working on a business alone can be isolating when you’ve got no one to share the highs, or lows, with. If you’re looking for someone to bounce ideas off, to give you guidance on where to go next, or to just get a second set of eyes on a project Annika is a great resource, it also helps that her accent is adorable! When I need help stepping up my business I’ll be in touch. – Emma Morton

“What a wonderful & uplifting experience. The convenient evening sessions catered perfectly to my work/home life balance. Following my online booking I received the session date & time confirmation immediately. The convenience of having the session in the comfort of my home via video Skype was great. The sessions began promptly on time. The ambiance/vibe of the sessions was natural & I felt safe expressing myself. Annika was genuine & authentic. She tailored the sessions to my specific needs & set realistic tasks for my self improvement & self love. Annika had some great ideas on goal setting & was instrumental in helping me to achieve them. I felt comfortable & at ease during our sessions. The sessions flowed well & the time flew by. I loved the homework setting as this really set the wheels in motion for positive change. Annika made me feel good about myself & provided an excellent service that I will continue to use. Annika you are a wonderful, beautiful, women you have helped to provide me with the tools & techniques necessary for the journey of the best possible version of me. Life coaching has been a extremely beneficial for me. I would highly recommend anyone to use Annika’s service. 5* service. Thank you. Love & light to you Queen” – Charmian Blackwood

“I have never within my life felt so in control, confident and conscious living in my present. This service has enabled me to step completely out of my comfort zone and be unapologetic to always live my best life! I can say hand on heart that the short time which I have corresponded with my mentor, surpassed my expectations and has ignited my passion to seek what makes me happy. In addition the personal tools given to me within the session, have been a powerful reminder on how in control and important I am as an individual. I thoroughly enjoyed gaining an outside perspective on how to practice self love and reinforcing accountability upon myself. The activities that we discussed such as writing a short piece on the topic “the woman I am becoming” each day for example, proved to be a very therapeutic tool, which I thoroughly liked doing. Each time I wrote I felt a euphoric release and it also embraced my creative side which I believe had been suppressed for over a number of years. Overall I would definitely recommend this service to everyone, as it’s important that we talk to an impartial person, whom is able to be non-judgemental and provide clarity. There are times where we as the individual can become blinded by the decisions we make and unknowingly know how they might be negatively impacting upon us, therefore this service acts as a tool to help guide us and realign is to keep on track to our purpose, goals or whatever you may deem important to you as an individual.” – Octavia Beckford

How long are the sessions?

Creative Mentoring sessions with me are 45 minutes long, and are held over Skype or telephone.

How much does this cost?

There are two options available:

  1. Pay As You Go sessions at £55 each.
  2. Package of 4 sessions for £200

How do I book my session?

Sessions can be bought online.