Writing improvest wellbeing

Since publishing my first book in 2013, I’ve shared my love of creativity through writing workshops and online activity.

Studies prove that expressive writing can have a positive impact expressive on somebody who feels stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. 

As someone who suffered in silence and kept a journal for years, I know the importance of having an outlet. Sometimes we don’t know what we think or how we feel until we’ve written it down and read it back.

I create spaces for people feel safe enough to try, write, speak and share. My intent is always that they leave feeling like their words hold value.

Word power in workshops

I deliver writing workshops independently and by commission. I’ve previously worked with organisations such as Scottish Women’s Aid, MAIA, and Near Neighbours.

I create workshops that meet the needs and interest of different community groups. This is informed by an initial consultation.

These workshops are interactive, therapeutic and focus primarily on journaling and self-care.

I deliver the workshops online to a groups of up to 15 people.

A qualified and experienced writer

I’m a self published, award-winning author. I published my first book in 2013. I’ve also supported other writers and business owners to self-publish their books. My clients include Michelle Mclean, Rachel Aldred and Karen Preene.

My qualifications include a degree in Creative and Professional Writing, and a Level 3 Counselling Diploma.

I’m a member of Writing West Midlands Room 204 Writer Development Programme, and a member of the Society of Authors.