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Breaking up with Instagram

Recently I decided to close my main Instagram account.

I’ve loved Instagram for a long time, spending many years obsessively creating posts and sharing my story with an online community of big hearted people.

My followers are all amazing and have been the main reason I stayed. It was once my online safe space and my online community have been witness to my personal transformation.

But all good things must come to an end. In this instance, it’s time I let that chapter of my life go.

Why now?

At the end of last year, I went into my annual December Detox with no expectation how it would change things for me. I needed a break from the online space, and when I came back, it didn’t feel like it used to.

I gave myself much of 2021 to get back into the swing of things with IG. But I feel my time with my page has expired.

At the beginning of June this year, I left my day job. Being fully self-employed is a chapter I wasn’t quite expecting in 2021, but it is here and I’m embracing it.

What happens next?

I’ll continue to pour my energy into the many wonderful things happening behind the scenes. I want to spend time carving out what feels like a very significant and new chapter of my life.

But I won’t be going offline completely.

I will still be doing Monday Meetup and December Detox via my business page @orsumsauce

Orsum is a creative consultancy, offering mentoring, communications, and community, and it is actually doing well! So well, I don’t even have time to post on social media…

I’ll be launching an online membership in time for Libra season 😍 over at @shecreatescomm

I spend more time on my Facebook page, with regular lives. Also, I plan to open the doors of a free new group for women who are ready to move past survival and evolve. Join the free Facebook group here.

I’ll be spending more time writing for this website and getting back into my writing.

Let’s stay connected

My newsletter is still active, 400 VIP people will still hear from me regularly. (More than that if you choose to sign up now.)

I’m really excited to be putting my all into everything I want to grow.

And then I will write all about it ❤

With love x

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