I used to be shy about being an author, like writing and publishing a book was something to be ashamed of. Silly, isn’t it? 

I’m working on new and wonderful things to add to my portfolio.

In the meantime, I invite you to read what I have published so far…

Update: In 2019, I decided to unpublish my first five books and you can read more about my decision here.

What’s Your Story?

This book is a warm introduction to anyone who is curious about life writing.

Have you got a lifetime of experiences that you want to write about? Perhaps you’re looking for a point to start? Maybe you just need some writing inspiration? Whatever it is,  this book could be exactly what you need to move forward.  

Broken down into easy-to-digest modules, with activities and reflective writing tasks, What’s Your Story? will encourage you to dig deep and pull out the gems in your past, ready for writing about.

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