2019: A Year in Review

As I type this, I'm two weeks away from the best decade of my life. But before I dive in, I mustn't forget the lessons that this year has brought me. This is 2019: A Year in Review. The beginning of this year felt like a fresh new canvas. I'd written books, worked in my dream role and left to pursue full-time education, which meant I graduated in Sept 2018 as a mature student with a shiny degree. I'd conquered my childhood goals and every single one felt like a miracle itself. But 2019 arrived and I had something…


The Power of Pink

There's a lot of power in pink, don't you think? I used to hate the colour pink and everything it represented: pathetic, flimsy, weak, feminine. It seemed ridiculous that all girls were expected (by society) to love it and because I wasn't in the habit of doing what was expected of me, I chose to hate it. I reflect now with a smile because I was such a good kid, I think this was my little rebellion. Pink was the assigned colour for girls, at least when I was in my teens, and I rejected any association with it.…


The Best Relationship You’ll Ever Have…

... Is the one you have with yourself. It's said that a woman who has cut her hair is about to change her life, and that haircut comes after a relationship has ended. I haven't cut my hair but I have ended a relationship recently. I'd like to say it was hard and heartbreaking, but it wasn't and it isn't. In the beginning I was so grateful someone was nice to me, but towards the end I just wanted to be with myself. And it's a slightly daft thing to say, right? Because we are always with ourselves. It's…

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The Power of Persistance

You know, every time I send out a newsletter to my mailing list, at least one person unsubscribes. I've often wondered what the last straw was, what sent them over the edge, made them roll their eyes and scream "FUCK OFF" at my name when it appeared in their inbox. I mean, it's highly unlikely anyone will have such a hostile reaction to my content, but what if they did?

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

I've held a variety of events and workshops, but in the beginning it was Project You. It gave me the confidence to bring my ideas into reality. It proved to me that people would show up to my events. It gave me experience into promoting my own events and getting feedback. I learned how to prepare for an event and the importance of debrief afterwards. I learned to bring evaluation sheets and how to put goody bags together for my guests. I also eventually learned that I didn't need to hide behind a brand to share my words, because Annika Spalding is enough.


2019 – Mid Year Review

Has the first half of 2019 taken you by surprise? If you started this year with big hopes and dreams, then blinked and found yourself in July, welcome to my world. This year has gone fast, hasn't it? Or is that the very British way of saying time has flown, or whatever? All I know is that so much of 2019 so far has felt like groundwork for me, and I'm ready to start making the most of the next 6 months. But before I plough forward, I like to reflect on the year so far and think about…


Dorothy Koomson is AWESOME (and here’s why)!

If you clicked on this blog post purely because Dorothy Koomson is in the title, you're awesome too! Me and Dorothy Koomson. Obvs. I've been a longtime fan of Dorothy's work, as a reader and as a writer. I've fallen in love with her characters, indulged in the plots and cried at the end of her books. As a writer, I appreciate the flow of her writing, the structure and her character development. She has skill and talent and a magical way of weaving words and emotions together. Her gradual progression to crime/thriller fiction has been absolutely divine and…


From Caterpillar to Butterfly

I was so unsure of myself, scared of the world and haunted by past trauma, I didn't know who I was when I moved to Smethwick. I found myself in that house and I'll forever love it for that, but it was time to move on.


Block and Delete: A Short Guide

Are you tired of wasting time and energy on people who don't respect you? Are you totally over waiting for someone to take responsibility for their actions? Are you ready to block and delete that negativity from your phone, social media and your life? I learned a long time ago that access to anyone is a privilege. In a world of instant messaging and live video chats, we're now able to communicate with most people, almost anywhere. But instant message does not equate to instant reply, my friends. No. This idea that people should drop everything to answer your…