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Being the change you need: Life update

When change was coming

I’ve been saying this for ages but there’s something about this year that is telling me to step outside of my comfort zone in so many different ways.

At times I’d felt so stressed with my day job and frustrated at myself for not making time to work on my dreams.

I became physically ill with stress and over the course of a week:

  • had headaches so intense I had to go to hospital and was prescribed strong painkillers
  • called in sick because I felt like my brain was broken
  • someone reversed into my car
  • broke my glasses

It felt like the Universe was making me face a realisation that I’d put off for months: It’s time to REALLY focus on myself.

I’m so glad I was also having therapy at this time because in those sessions I was able to accept what I needed to do, instead of hiding it and hoping it would get better on its own.

Embracing change instead of fighting it

In May I took a leap of faith and handed in my notice at my day job.

In June I worked my last day as Communications Officer for a local women’s charity.

Since then, I’ve stepped completely towards my dream of running my business full time.

Hello new chapter

A while back I decided to change the focus of Orsum, dedicating it to writing and wellness, supporting the evolving woman through mentorship and community. I revisited the vision I have for myself and other women and how I want to contribute to the healing of the wider sisterhood.

I took action:

  • studied a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • redesigned my Orsum website
  • made a brand new plan

Now that I’m doing this work full-time, I’ve given myself a new title: Creative Consultant.

Finally, a title that encompasses all that I do: creative writing, workshops, creative mentoring/1:1 sessions, a communications consultant, and more.

It’s all about Divine Timing

Everything I’m doing now feels right and I’m excited about the possibilities.

I feel like I’ve been in my own way for a while and the Universe has given me a kick up the ass. I was so desperate for change, I had longed for it, and was waiting around for a sign to show me it was time.

For years I’ve been building my brand, developing my skills, holding workshops, expanding my networks, and turning my ideas into tangible projects. Why shouldn’t I lean into that a little more?

The groundwork has all been done so really all I need to do is continue to believe in myself and make this happen.

It’s a lot to adapt to but already I’m feeling like it was the right decision to make at this time.

I’d love to work with you

Now that I have more time available during the day, I have more spaces available for creative mentoring.

How it works

We meet regularly on Zoom, we talk about what’s going on for you, we look at solutions, we create an action plan for you to work on, and you leave the call feeling inspired and motivated to start a blog, write a book, develop your business, connect with new people, finish your coursework, implement self-care, or whatever you’re focusing on at that moment.

I’ve put all the details over on my business website here.

Loved this post? You’ll love this video!

When I’d made up my time to leave my job to focus on business, I recorded an IG live about it. Have a watch and let me know if anything here resonates for you!

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