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Are you minding your own business?

Tunnel vision is the key, my loves.

I’m a worrier. I used to worry so much I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t rest and couldn’t relax. I worried about saying the wrong thing, making the wrong impression and shining too bright.

All that emotional investment into everyone else was incredibly draining. So, over time I have learned to worry about my damn self.

This means putting your needs first. This means honouring your core beliefs. This means establishing boundaries to keep you safe, and walking away from those who continue to disrespect them.

Once I’d opted out of people-pleasing, I then looked at what I was consuming. All the webinars and Youtube videos, downloadable guides and audio books, I’ve had my fair share of information over the years.

But eventually we have to stop hiding behind research and just do the damn thing.

Does Oprah check what Michelle is doing before she launches anything?

Does Mariah Carey refer to Beyoncé before writing a new album?

Does Tesco ask Asda for permission to extend its business?

Does your left foot ask your right foot if it can take a step forward?

You get the idea.

Give yourself permission to focus on your growth.

You’re worth the emotional investment.

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