Hello, I’m Annika.

I’m a writer, author, and creative writing workshop facilitator based in the West Midlands.

My captivating and deeply honest approach has made me a respected voice in the creative world.

Known for my work on healing, self-love, and identity, I draw from my own personal experiences and struggles when creating.

Experience-led writing

I grew up experiencing and witnessing domestic abuse, which eventually led me to work predominately in the VAWG sector from 2007 and to inspire women through writing ever since.

I’ve written multiple books and now use my platform to empower other women to use their voices creatively.

I’m an experienced facilitator of creative and therapeutic writing workshops that focus on healing, self-care, and personal development.

Qualifications and memberships

In addition to my writing and workshop facilitation experience, I hold a degree in Creative and Professional Writing, and a Level 3 Counselling Diploma.

I’m a member of the Writing West Midlands’ renowned Room 204 Writer Development Programme.

I’m currently studying a Level 4 NLP Master Practitioner course, which I will apply to my one-to-one and group programmes.