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A New Decade, A New Adventure

There’s been a lot of talk on socials about how we’re entering not only a new year, but a whole new decade.

It feels a little special, the significance of leaving one phase of your life and entering another.

Ten years ago I was new mother, had begun writing my first book and didn’t have the confidence, life or self-belief that I have now. In fact, the events and lessons from the last decade could easily fill a book, one I’ve already written and yet to publish.

2019 was important in a way I never expected. Away came the rotten roots and dead ends, creating room for something more special to grow and develop. The process was painful at worst and spontaneous at best, and it’s miracle I sit here with no regrets at all.

One of the most incredible things I did was start a new business.

I’d dipped in and out of business over the years, treating it as a hobby while I was studying at uni, and then coasting along with no real plan or direction once I’d graduated. I’d gotten myself a job but longed for the freedom I knew would come with working for yourself. No gatekeepers, barriers or restrictions, just me, my passion and my vision.

I knew I didn’t want to focus on writing specific work, I wanted to do create a business that embodied all of my skills and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

An epic business consultant, Daniella Genas of She’s The Boss International, announced she was accepting new clients and I sent her an email immediately. With her input, I have developed and set up a business, and I’m ready to talk to you about it.

Introducing my new adventure…

We support you to communicate your key messages to stakeholders and audiences through training, social media management and content creation.

We take care of your communications so that you can focus on building a legacy.

Sounds awesome, right?

Our Values

  1. Creativity – We think outside of the box in our approach to planning, creating and delivering content that communicates your brand/business.
  2. Integrity – We believe that the strongest partnerships are built on trust and we ensure that by being transparent from the very beginning.
  3. Compassion – We’re not here to judge, we’re here to create engagement opportunities which show we understand.
  4. Community – We’re keen to create opportunities for communities to grow, and we are open-minded about how we can contribute to that process.


‘Orsum’ is the Latin word for… words.

It was intentionally chosen to represent a brand that represents communication.

Phonetically, it also sounds a lot like “awesome” and that is the exact
experience you’ll have when working with us.

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