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5 Things: Achieved

Do you celebrate your successes?

I’ve been reflecting on the last year and in a bid to reclaim 2018 as a good year, I’ve identified areas worth celebrating.

I’m not massively in the habit of honouring my achievements. I’m an overachiever and what might seem amazing to you, dear reader, often never feels good enough for me. But I’m working on what changing my skewed perception of myself, because it really doesn’t serve me or my purpose.

I’ve written about the challenges that came with 2018, but it wasn’t all bad.

Here are 5 things I achieved last year:

  1. I completed my Creative & Professional Writing degree. I remember starting my studies and feeling like the three years would take forever. It started out that way and second year was tough, but I arrived into my third year feeling focused and positive. It would have been so easy to quit and I can see why people do; it’s hard. But I’m so glad I finished my degree. It was one of my big lifetime goals.
  2. Getting real help with mental health. I’m not shy about sharing my experiences of anxiety and depression. I usually use my IG page to talk freely about it, but I’m happy to have the conversation here too. I’ve tried to help myself over the years, through counselling and meditation and affirmations. Last year my anxiety and depression seemed to be on another level entirely and the things I had in place weren’t working anymore. So I went to see my GP, who prescribed me Sertraline (50mg) and gave me the details of NHS counselling. Needless to say, this helped and is still helping a great deal. This counselling has been loads different to any others I’ve accessed over the years, and I’m really talking about stuff I’ve never said outloud. It’s been hard, but I’m committed to healing. It starts here.
  3. Got a fancy new job. I finished uni with no clear plan. It would have been fab for my creative career to be in a position to support me financially fulltime, but it wasn’t so that meant I had to compromise a little. I started looking for roles, applied for jobs I was clearly overqualified and over-experienced for (lack of confidence, I guess) and started to feel disheartened at a society that didn’t seem to have a space for a creative like me. Then I found the job in a charity that seemed perfect, I applied and got the job. It’s pretty cool being the communications specialist and there’s lots of value I am bringing to the role. Plus, I do four days a week so I have a three-day weekend, and start at a time that allows me to take my girls to school. What more could I ask for?
  4. I graduated with a 2:1. Graduation day was by far one of the best days of my life and I’m still in awe of the whole experience. I was so emotional when I received my grade, because best believe that 2:1 was achieved through blood, sweat and tears! It made all the hard-work, self-doubt and time spent developing myself as a writer, worth it.
  5. I made self-care a priority. I mean, I’m not entirely new to the concept of taking care of myself, but I guess I’d stopped doing the little things and it showed. When I’m feeling low, I can’t think about self-care. I forget what I need to do to make myself feel better, to raise my vibrations. And also there’s the issue of identifying the whatever the real problem was anyway. So I went to counselling and found it incredibly painful, but it was necessary to address my emotional wounds because it was having an affect on me.

I could look at successes in terms of monetary or society value, and there’s an essence of that in each of the above. But ultimately, my successes mean something very personal to me. Each one marks a step away from an identity I had been hiding behind, and has created space for all that I can be now.

I guess it really is time to let go.

What 5 things did you achieve in 2018?

Let’s talk about it.

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