You are currently viewing 5 Apps that will change EVERYTHING…

5 Apps that will change EVERYTHING…

… or at least enhance your self-care practice.

Let me tell you a (brief) story.

A few years ago, when self love and self care were brand new concepts to me, I practised both with hot bubble baths and painting my nails. It was more about going to creative events and mixing with people who were accepting of who I was at that time.

I had post-its on my bedroom mirror with positive affirmations written on and a dedicated routine of writing in my journal before I went to bed.

But over the years, where all of that once made a difference, none of it boosts my spirit like it once did.

Each December I take a social media detox, disconnecting myself from the online world. It’s incredible, but I notice how often I pick up my phone.

Rather than click on social media, I downloaded apps to keep my overthinking mind busy and to entertain me. Because it really is okay to have fun just for the sake of it, you know? Not every action you take or word you speak has to be lined heavily with purpose.

It’s been six months of using these apps and they have proven to keep my attention when I’ve needed the distraction.

So, if you’re interested in keeping your mind clutter-free and your thumbs busy, all while reducing your social media scrolling time, read on.

1. Youper

“Your Emotional Health Assistant for helping you feel your best.”

This gorgeous little app is free and more than fabulous – it’s like having an accountability buddy for your emotional wellbeing. It communicates with you via an inbuilt chat bot, which looks a little bit like Whatsapp and feels pretty realistic.

Every day it will check in with you to see how you are feeling, giving you the option to monitor your emotions and the factors that contribute it. It also offers suggestions on how you can address how you’re feeling.

Click here to find out more about Youper.

2. I Love Hue

Introducing the world’s most therapeutic game… at least by my standards.

I Love Hue is brilliant, a simple yet captivating game even for the most busiest of minds.

It scrambles up coloured tiles and you’re then tasked with putting them back together, kind of like a jigsaw only there are no pictures, only colours. The colours are beautifully blended and you find you get better at it as time goes on.

It’s super straight-forward and also brilliant for the overthinkers.

I Love Hue is a gentle journey into colour and perception. Arrange mosaics of coloured tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. Lovingly made for players who enjoy beautifully crafted puzzle games – or anyone who needs a few moments of visual tranquility.

Click here to find out more about I Love Hue.

3. Draw It

It is exactly what it says on the tin – Draw It!

This cute little game will challenge you draw a picture in less than 30 seconds. You race against the clock to draw as many images as possible, and the winner gets the points.

Pretty simple, eh?

That’s why I like it. Plus, it’s free.

Click here to find out more about Draw It.

4. Antistress – Relaxation toys

This app is pretty awesome. This app consists of cute and pointless little games to keep idle fingers busy. It gives you bubble wrap, slime and envelopes all at the touch of a screen. (You’ll understand what I mean when you download it, I promise!)

If you bite your nails when you’re nervous, twirl your hair when your tired or shake your leg when you’re on edge, this might be for you.

There are paid features for this app but to be honest you won’t need them. I’ve found spending just 15 minutes going through each zone has been enough for me to not lose my shit.

And that’s all we really want, isn’t it?

Click here to find out more about Antistress.

5. Audible

I love books, pretty obvious for an author, right? But I don’t get time to sit down and read as many as I would like. So I have an Audible account, which means I can listen to a range of audiobooks while driving, in the bath or doing laundry.

When my head is full, I download inspirational books and listen to them, filling my mind with something postive instead.

It is a paid for service, but can do a free 30-day trial to see if it works for you.

After that, it isn’t costly. You get 1 credit per month and each book is 1 credit. You can save your credits for up to 6 months, which is what I usually do and then buy a bulk load.

Click here to find out more about Audible.

This is not an advertisement, I don’t receive payment for writing lovely things about these apps (although wouldn’t that be awesome?)

These are apps I have on my phone, that I have used and still use regularly.

These are my recommendations… What works for you?

With love,

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