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28 Content Prompts for February

Are you a brilliant blogger? Or a social media enthusiast?
This blog is for you.

If you’ve been searching for inspiration or direction when creating content for your platforms, look no further.

I’ve created some topics to prompt your ideas and inspire your creativity.

Please note: those prompts reflect my own interests too (writing and sisterhood), so feel free to adapt them to suit your own.

  1. Inspirational Quotes about Women
  2. Inspirational Quotes about Writing
  3. My Ten Favourite IG Accounts
  4. Quick Tip of the Day (video)
  5. Event Announcement
  6. Promote your services
  7. Case Study
  8. Answer FAQ/ Catch Up post
  9. Favourite Hacks & Tools
  10. Behind the Scenes
  11. Weekly round-up of my favourite posts
  12. Content/Giveaway
  13. Why you started a business/blogging/building a brand
  14. Shows you’re binge-watching
  15. Current personal goals
  16. Current business/creative goals
  17. 5 Things You’re Grateful for
  18. Your Perfect Weekend
  19. What You’re Reading this Week
  20. Moments with Family
  21. This Time Last Year I…
  22. A Lesson You’re Still Learning
  23. Song Lyrics You Love
  24. The Best Advice You’ve Received
  25. Client/Reader feedback
  26. How To’s
  27. Industry Trends
  28. A Skill You’re Cultivating

There’s a prompt here for each day of February.

Don’t think too deeply on any of them, just let your creativity lead the way.

Used one of the prompts? Post the link to your post in the comments below and I will come show you some love!

Get creating.

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