Thrive: A Safe Space for Women

This event is not for the 'gram. It's not for likes or follows or for shows. It's for women who have experienced trauma. It's for vulnerability. It's for sisterhood. Will you be there?


No More Secrets

If you're a long-term follower of my work, you'll notice the change in my content more recently. I'm sharing more than I've ever shared before. I'm being explicit about my experiences, on social media and here. I'm pouring out my stories of trauma and labelling it as such. Where I was once afraid to speak with this level of conviction, now I am no longer afraid of what has been done to me. No more secrets, no more holding in the things that have hurt me the most. The response I've had from my online communities has been incredible.…


Writing about trauma

Let the darkness out. I'm a fan of Brené Brown and the wonderful work she does around vulnerability. Listening to her talks and prompted me to think about my own bravery, my willingness to share my story and not hold back. But vulnerability was not an area I felt comfortable with. Didn't know how to do it, didn't like the feeling of my emotional wounds being exposed. I know there is purpose in sharing your story. There is power created when you bring light to your pain and speak about the challenges in your life. I've written about domestic…



You can find unity in a room full of strangers. I found it at Manifest.


Sunday Self-Care: A Plan

It's the end of the weekend and the eve of a new week, but have you taken care of your needs? Confession: I'm an advocate for self-care and self-love but I am far from being perfect at practising it. With a hectic weekly schedule of work, children, love life, housework and social life, I often survive by doing the bare minimum: brush teeth, have a bath, wear clean clothes, eat breakfast, etc. But surely I'm here to do more than survive the day-to-day? And so are you. If we truly want to thrive in 2019 and beyond, then we…


What I Want to Achieve in 2019

Have you thought about the year you want to have? My word for this year carries a strong theme: THRIVE. I want to thrive in all ways possible. I want my choices, conversations and collaborations to reflect it. I want to make conscious decisions, being mindful of the outcome I want. It's all about planting seeds, isn't it? Nurturing it, watering it and helping it to grow. Perhaps I'm the seed right now, and the nurturing I need is from myself first. That means creating opportunities, trying new things, practising radical self-love and self-care at all times, and allowing…


5 Things: Achieved

Do you celebrate your successes? I've been reflecting on the last year and in a bid to reclaim 2018 as a good year, I've identified areas worth celebrating. I'm not massively in the habit of honouring my achievements. I'm an overachiever and what might seem amazing to you, dear reader, often never feels good enough for me. But I'm working on what changing my skewed perception of myself, because it really doesn't serve me or my purpose. I've written about the challenges that came with 2018, but it wasn't all bad. Here are 5 things I achieved last year:…


5 Things: Gratitude

Can you find 5 things to be grateful for? I've been having personal accountability chats with a good friend and we've decided to highlight the good things in our lives. And in all honesty, I know I really don't have to think too deep to know what they are. 5 Things I am Grateful For Let's start here: My desire to heal. Sometimes I've felt like maybe I'll just be damaged forever. Maybe there'll be no fixing this, whatever 'this' is. Despite this, I'm proactive around my mental health. I'll seek counselling. I'll practice mindfulness. I'll be selective about…


What My Depression Looks Like

Are you drowning too? You might think this picture is a mess. I call it depression. Where housework becomes overwhelming, clutter starts to mount, and I have little motivation or energy do anything about it. Just take a photo, so I can remind myself how bad things can get. I'm not going to pretend that I'm a tidy person - I'm not. I collect clutter. I find it hard to throw things away (it used to give me anxiety) but I am much better now. I can't even blame my kids, they only follow the standard that I set.…


28 Content Prompts for February

Are you a brilliant blogger? Or a social media enthusiast? This blog is for you. If you've been searching for inspiration or direction when creating content for your platforms, look no further. I've created some topics to prompt your ideas and inspire your creativity. Please note: those prompts reflect my own interests too (writing and sisterhood), so feel free to adapt them to suit your own. Inspirational Quotes about WomenInspirational Quotes about WritingMy Ten Favourite IG AccountsQuick Tip of the Day (video)Event AnnouncementPromote your servicesCase StudyAnswer FAQ/ Catch Up postFavourite Hacks & ToolsBehind the ScenesWeekly round-up of my favourite…

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