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In the spirit of sisterhood, I’m shedding light on all the wonderful events happening across the Midlands for International Women’s Day 2020. This is not an exhaustive list and likely to be added to over the next few days. Thank you to the Queens who sent me their details for […]

IWD 2020: Events worth attending

It’s Safer Internet Day today and a perfect time to talk about how you can protect yourself online. This is specifically for those of you who share your personal stories in online spaces. This is especially those who have dealt with a narcissist. I was stalked online for months until […]

Protect Yourself Online

Until I became strategic with my planning, I never acknowledged World Cancer Day. I’d barely get through Mother’s Day, only to fall apart on the anniversary of my mum’s death. Much of my life has seen me rebuilding myself after that devastating loss, but I know I’m not alone in […]

World Cancer Day: Save Your Life

If you’ve had a challenging few years and feel ready for a change, perhaps it’s time to rewrite your story. Whether you’re tired of being the victim or the villain, you’re the author of your own story and you get to decide how your story ends. I once had big […]

Rewrite Your Story

Behind every strong woman is a tribe of other strong women who have her back… Queens Counsel is the tribe you’ve been waiting for! About this Event Celebrating sisterhood, friendship and support, Queens Counsel invites you to become part of a movement on International Women’s Day. Brought together by good […]

Queens Counsel

Over a decade ago, I was a Manager in a betting shop. I was 20 and had worked my way up in an industry that wasn’t particularly kind to women (or even young women). I enjoyed the customer service aspect but I longed to work in a women’s organisation. I’d […]

What I Did: Changed Career

I’m still the writer who hasn’t quite yet carved out her niche, you know? And with that comes the freedom of experimenting different genres, exploring a range of styles, tones and audiences through my writing. My old blog was full of content for the aspiring writer, tips on planning blogs […]

What I’m Writing in 2020

Photo by Hugo Ruiz on Unsplash
I’ve thought about it and wrote about it, and I’m certain that the only way to be successful in 2020 is to avoid dick, drama and distractions. Before I wished a Happy New Year to my loved ones, I knew the energy of this new decade would be different. The […]

No Dick, Drama or Distractions in 2020

2019 was important in a way I never expected. Away came the rotten roots and dead ends, creating room for something more special to grow and develop. The process was painful at worst and spontaneous at best, and it's miracle I sit here with no regrets at all.

A New Decade, A New Adventure

The worry of your authenticity being rejected by people you love, please, cast that aside right now. You’ll experience resistance to your boundaries and backlash to your truth, but I urge you to walk your path anyway. Every year I wonder if there’s anything left to learn about my journey, […]

Cast Aside the Bullshit

If you’re walking into 2020 with expectations of success, happiness and creativity, I’ve got 20 questions for you. I have a bit of a ritual. On New Year’s Eve, I like to plot out the year ahead, set my goals and intentions, and visualise it with a vision board. I’ve […]

20 Questions for 2020

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